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Busy year ahead for Asian society

THE THURROCK Asian Association have a busy year ahead. Here are some of the events planned over the next eleven months.


Along with other communities in Thurrock we will be celebrating the Queens’ Diamond Jublie on 3rd and 4th of June, 2012 at the Asian Resource Centre at 35 Clarence Road, Grays.

On the 3rd of June 2012 the celebrations will be from 6 to 8 pm and on the 4th of June, 2012 these will be from 2 to 6 pm. The committee members will decide the programme for these two days.


This group of young dancers are developing their dancing skills and enjoying the fun of Asian music by getting lessons from a professional trainer every Tuesday from 8 to 9 pm at the Grays School for the last five years.

These girls showed their performances at the Thurrock Cultural Festival and also at the Diwali Function this year. At present 24 young girls and boys aged 7 to 18 are attending these classes.

Up till now this group was well supported by the grants from the Thurrock Youth Cabinet and also by the Youth Service. Sadly there has been a reduction in grant to support this group. The parents have agreed to pay the rent for the hall and the Council’s Youth Service will fund the tuition fee for the Dancing Tutor for two lessons a month.

We are hoping to keep this youth facility going with this support by the end of this year. Anyone interested to join this class should contact DILJOT on 01375- 381486.


This class is held every WEDNESDAY from 4 to 6 pm at the GRAYS School where children learn Asian

Musical instruments from a trained Music Teacher, Mr. R. Gulshan. If you would like your child to attend

this music class please contact; 01375-381486 and speak to Mr. Gulshan. The music lessons are subsidised

by the Association.


This class is held twice a month on Wednesdays from 11 to 1 pm at the T.A.A Resource Centre where

Adults learn to play various Asian musical instruments from a trained Music Teacher Mr. R. Singh.

Any Thurrock resident can join this class free of cost and enjoy the fun of Asian Music.


With the help of South West PCT the Asian Association started this Healthy Living Programme in June, 2009 at the T.A.A Resource Centre. The Yoga Lessons are held every Saturday from 12 to 1 pm which are followed by discussion on various health issues. A small gym is set up for physical exercises for men and women which is available from 1 to 5 pm every day.

The development workers from the TRUST also organise various health sessions with groups of men and women. Please take advantage of this free facility and improve your life chances. A leaflet is enclosed to promote this class.

T.A.A. Resource Centre, 35 Clarence Road, Grays;

This Centre is very well used by local people for information and advice. Casie Cheong works hard to make it an attractive place for everyone to use it in a friendly way. A cup of coffee or tea is available to any visitor. There are a number of activities which go on in the Centre;

1. The Asian women’s group meets every Monday from 12 to 2 pm which is run by a development worker from the TRUST.

2. The Adult Music Class is held on alternate Wednesdays from 11 to 1 pm. The dates for this class are displayed at the Notice Board in the Centre. Anyone interested in Asian Music is welcome to join.

3. YOGA Class is held every Saturday from 12 to 1 pm. Anyone interested to improve their fitness and health are welcome to join. The lessons are given by a trained yoga teacher.

4. OLDER people’s group meets on every Tuesday afternoon for socialising and learning. Anyone over 50 are welcome to join this group. Please contact Casie at the Centre- 01375-404917 for further information.

5. Community Listeners (Volunteers) are happy to help anyone who has had any problem. They will help to direct them to specialist services available locally.

6. Library Books in various Asian Languages are available for reading at the Centre. These books have come from the local library.




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