Thursday, October 6, 2022

Three mile bunting bid for olympic torch route

The great race is on to find Thurrock’s 100m Champions.

Thurrock Council wants everyone to get involved, work together and make sure the longest hand-made bunting in the world is ready to line the route of the Olympic Torch Relay through Grays on Friday, 6 July.

It doesn’t matter who you are – a school, sports club, community group, faith group, business, street, group of friends – all you have to do is create 100m of bunting each.

Although the detailed route through Grays is not available, it is estimated that the relay will be around three miles long ― that is around six miles of bunting to hold alongside the route.

The council will supply a “bunting toolkit” to the first 100 groups to register, including instructions, a template, and 101 metres of tape. Details will also be posted on the website. To get your bunting kit, register your details at

Not only can your bunting be used at your sports days, street parties or community events, but as a symbol of unity and community spirit, the council is asking you to bring it to the Torch Relay and tie each 100m length of bunting together to create the world’s longest line of bunting along the route.

Council Leader, Cllr John Kent, said: “As I’ve said before, 2012 is a year of celebration nationally and locally and the council wants to do all it can to help local people join in the fun.

”When the Olympic Torch Relay comes to Grays in July, it would be marvellous if we could line both sides of the streets involved with Thurrock’s best home-made bunting.

“There’s no reason why you should make the bunting for the relay alone. If you’re having a Diamond Jubilee street party or other fun celebration, put Friday, 6 July in your diary as well.

“Although we can’t say where the actual route will be, we want Thurrock to have an event to remember ― a once in a lifetime event to remember.”


  1. What a completely useless idea. If it is a case of getting into the Guinness book of records can’t we get local people to showcase real skill and make a few records in areas bit more ambitious than bunting. People wonder why the aspirations of Thurrock and our young people is so low!! Which highly paid council officer came up with this completely useless idea. This is a primary school task, not really of olympic proportions!!

  2. I remember when Cllr Rice said 2 years ago we should be welcoming new business in to the area and trying to get Thurrock to play a bigger role in the Olympics this would have created local jobs that’s what Thurrock needs so probably his the better man for the job as leader Thurrock would have more to be happy about then wasting tax payers money on a bunting tool kit Cllr Kent you should aim a little higher

  3. I am honestly lost for words!! Bunting? what about the economic opportunities for Thurrock. Thurrock is Just a few miles from the Olympic park and the best idea this council could come up with was bunting!! what a complete waste of tax payers money. Are you telling me that the council has also invested in creating a bunting toolkit. ? I now understand why education standards in Thurrock are so low. it seems our schools have no idea how to create bunting without a toolkit. This Twilight Zone stuff. The leader of the council is backing this? has the council lost its mind. Children need to get an education, so please don’t interrupt my daughter in her school with this useless bunting project. Please can we get some jobs created and stop the foolishness.

  4. I would have spent the money tidying up Grays town centre and marketing our hotels to olympic tourists myself.

  5. Bernard87 with a simple and obvious statement you have demonstrated just how out of touch Thurock council is. Over in Barking they are promoting the destination and creating opportunities for business and local hotels. With loads of great plans they are creating opportunities for the area. In Thurrock we are promoting bunting and wasting time on frivolous politics. I wonder how many visitors the bunting will attract to Thurrock. I can see people coming from far and wide just to see our bunting!!! Sorry if that sounded a bit rude but it sums up this useless idea. I’m sure someone thought this was an imaginative and great idea, so tell me what hope is there for Thurrock?


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