Thursday, September 29, 2022

Rosie’s Blog: Limehouse Lizzy have left her all dizzy!

Review by Rosie Sparrow

Thameside Theatre was home to the legendary Thin Lizzy tribute band Limehouse Lizzy. The theatre was pretty much full with eager classic rockers of mixed ages. As the seats filled the lights were dimmed, and we were given an introductory song to listen to, to get everyone in the mood. Suddenly sirens sounded in the small theatre and the boys came onto the stage playing the aptly titled song “The Boys Are Back In Town”. Everyone was singing along to the classic as the stage exploded with a small pyrotechnic show. Afterwards the singer spoke to the crowd, earning a few laughs and building a great rapport which was maintained throughout the night. We were informed this would be their first set of their big/older tunes launching into “Dancing In The Moonlight” quickly followed by “Suicide”. The set concluded with a tribute to the late, great, Gary Moore with ballad “Still In Love With You”. The guitarists did a great a job with the complicated and renowned riffs. The emotion of the song was well portrayed through the singer’s rendition and you could easily see they were giving it their all.

They started the second set with a request: “Warrior” – this heavy tune threw everyone back into the rocking atmosphere. After more jesting with the audience they played another song in the memory of Gary Moore – this time it was “Out In The Fields”. The lead guitarist also featured on the vocals of this track which complimented the song well. A little while later in the set we were introduced to another member of the band on the harmonica linking nicely into “The Cowboy Song” another classic which had the crowd singing along. Thanking Grays for their support they played “Boys Are Back In Town” again. That just left everyone thirsty for more and they just demanded an encore. Finishing the show they played the hit “Whiskey In A Jar” which had everyone on their feet!

It was such a shame when the show ended; no one wanted to leave (especially as this was their first show in Grays for a while).  The way the band involved and entertained the audience was simply fantastic! They put their heart and soul into the performance and it really paid off. Having seen the real Thin Lizzy in 2007, I think that I would much prefer to see Limehouse Lizzy for a second time – even though the quality of music was just as good the relationship they developed with the audience throughout the night won me over. The boys are most certainly back in town.


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