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Tanya’s Blog: Today is a day to think about others……..

Blog piece by Tanya Coutts

Today (22nd February) is World Thinking Day. “What on earth is that?” I hear you say. Well, it is a day when Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all across the world think of each other and appreciate the international family that we are a part of.

I have been a part of this international family for most of my life and it has offered me the best opportunities and experiences. It may sound clichéd but it’s true, this is truly a worldwide family you can count on and are there for you when it matters.

Each year on World Thinking Day there is a theme to consider and in the weeks leading up to it activities are arranged in our groups to raise awareness of the particular topic chosen. This year we’re thinking about our environment and in particular the Millennium Goal 7 – “We can save our planet”. As an organisation the aim is to raise awareness about the environment and the impacts that our lifestyles and choices are having on the world.

Over the past few weeks the unit, where I am a Guide Leader, has been looking at saving our planet in the run up to World Thinking Day. We have considered reducing the use of fossil fuels, recycling resources and switching to sustainable energy solutions. During one activity we looked closely at carrier bags and their impact on the environment. Did you know that one plastic carrier bag takes 500 years to decompose? And they’re not even strong enough to last five minutes.

Through these activities we were showing our Guide Unit that even the little changes can make a huge difference to our environment, such as taking a shower instead of a bath, turning lights out when you’re finished in a room and walking instead of using the cars for short journeys.

We’ve heard all of these before and it’s probably nothing new to you, but today for World Thinking Day 2012 this is what I’m thinking about and if we can all change one little thing it can help to save our planet.


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