Sunday, September 25, 2022

Zachy’s mum slams critics who claim family to sell story for thousands

THE PURFLEET MUM of Zachy Avery, the five year old boy who wants to be a girl,has slammed her critics who claim she has made thousands of pounds by selling her story to the press.

Since publicising her story on Monday, the account of how Zachy is now living life as a girl has circulated around the world.

Theresa Avery has implored friends to complain to the Press Complaints Commission over one of the articles in the Daily Mail which questioned her motives for publishing her son’s situation.

On her Facebook page, Theresa has slammed the Mail saying: “This is the paper that thought it was ok to harass my father in law and threaten him with digging dirt up if he didnt talk.

“Secondly, how much the deals are changing?.. at one point it was five figures, now it is seven, I mean come on.

Referring to the decision by Purfleet primary school to install uni-sex toilets, Theresa said: “I’m damm proud of what the school has done for Zachy and think they are brill.”

Friends of Theresa’s have leapt to her defence.

Niki Jones said: “You and Darren are AMAZING parents doing exactly what a parent should do…..protecting and supporting your child. No-one has any right to make judgements on something they haven’t had to live through.”

Jenny Littledale said: “You’re an amazing family. Ignore all the bigots out there. Zachy is beautiful and as long as she is happy that’s all that counts.”

Theresa Avery declined YT’s request for an interview.


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