Thursday, October 6, 2022

Tory anger at “cover-up” over possible sale of village halls

UNDER pressure from Conservative leader Cllr Phil Anderson, Thurrock’s Labour cabinet tonight refused to disclose the identity of 17 council properties, including community facilities such as village halls, which are scheduled for disposal in an ‘asset management strategy’ that they then proceeded to approve.

Cllr Anderson said “The strategy that Labour approved tonight identifies an exact number of buildings (17), it gives a precise value range (£3.6M-£5.9M), and it gives dates over the next 5 years when the disposals will happen.

“Yet they still have the nerve to claim that no detailed list exists. We know full well that it exists, because I was briefly shown an early draft of it at meeting held as far back as 16th June last year.

“Cllr Morris-Cook even had the cheek to warn against scaremongering about what the list might contain, which is laughable considering the rumours of a so-called ‘sale’ of Grays beach which they circulated last year.

“She can easily end the speculation right now, simply by letting us and local residents know which 17 properties they have identified.

“It’s pretty obvious what is going on here: Labour are scared to reveal their plans until after the local elections in May. All we’re asking is that they have the courage of their convictions. If they believe their ideas are right for Thurrock then let us all know what they are so that we can make up our own minds on them.”


  1. I have heard that a lot of village halls are being leased and sold to the new church groups that are appearing all over the country.
    These are one of the biggest valuable local community resourses that we can ill afford to lose.
    They will never be replaced!

  2. Who give a monkeys. I live about half a mile from the proposed housing development and I don’t want it. Hold a vote and see how many other people want it. Good luck at the elections Comrades.

  3. Of course one shouldn’t remind Councillor Anderson that the Conservatives were actively looking at disposing of all the borough’s village halls back in 2007?

    Perhaps he is upset that Labour have poached one of his Conservative ideas?

    Before issuing press releases shouldn’t he at least have some idea on what his group were doing when they were in power?

  4. As said in other postings, this administration do not have any ideas of their own, and it is quite clear that Cllr Anderson is simply requesting they put forward the earmarked sites BEFORE the election rather than having them released after May. Anyway hopefully they wont be in administration by then.


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