Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Labour councillor rebels over “scandalous” rent increases

THE DEPUTY LEADER OF Thurrock Council rebelled last night over what was described as the “scandalous’ increase in rent for Thurrock council housing next year.

Grays councillor, Valerie Morris-Cook took the unilateral decision not to recommend a 7.1% increase in rent as well as a 5.6% increase in central heating charges.

Presenting the recommendations, portfolio holder, cllr Andy Smith said: “This is a scandalous rent increase but it is imposed upon us by central government.

“Many people will suffer because of this. There are also many people who may be on benefits and so the government will pick up the tab anyway.

“I know that the leader has written to the housing minister (Grant Shapps).


  1. Is this again a example of the poor end of society in social housing, being forced to pay for the well off’s mistakes of investing and wasting our taxes?

    Please explain you clever people!

  2. The increase is based on a formula brought in under the last Labour governments. It was designed to bring council rents in line with the private sector and end subsidised rents for all social housing. Nasty evil Tories.

  3. Cllr Cook should note that Cllr Anderson says ‘democracy must be seen to be done’ so no more unilateral decision please. The good thing about Cllr morris-cook is that she is not in the press every week slagging off another politician. maybe she does care and is more focused on doing some real work for the local area?


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