Monday, September 26, 2022

Lib-Dems call for council debate on Woodview campus

THURROCK’S LIBERAL Democrats have echoed the sentiments of their coalition partners in calling for a council debate on the proposed housing development at the South Essex College campus at Woodview.

Commenting on Tory leader cllr Phil Anderson’s call for a full debate on the proposed housing development at Woodview, local Lib Dem campaigner, Claire Jones, said: ‘I welcome the councillor’s call for a debate. The residents and I have been calling for councillors to take notice and discuss these issues for a long time.

‘In October the Thurrock Liberal Democrats and I knocked on every door in Woodside to ensure each resident had a chance to have their say and, of those who did, 98% strongly opposed the development. It is clear from petition thousands of residents across Thurrock agree.

‘I have nothing but admiration for the Woodside Action Group, headed by Dave Henderson and Ray Abbott, who have worked tirelessly on this issue.

‘They have clearly demonstrated that even though all Conservative councillors, including those representing Woodside, voted in favour of this development, sheer determination and a commitment to standing up for what is right gets results.

‘I will continue to work closely with the Woodside Action Group and give them my full support. I am delighted they might finally be granted their first basic request – to have their voice heard.’


  1. I heard the Deputy Principal of the college on the radio recently speaking as if this is all a done deal.
    Lets hope that this is not so, and there is still time to rectify this terrible mistake of moving this wonderful college of ours!

  2. Just another nail in Thurrocks Coffin, more houses to pack more people into without the necessary infrastructure to support Education or Health in the area.

    It is unfortunate that local peoples views are no longer taken into account where this type of planning is concerened, and there was I thinking we still lived in a democracy……

  3. I think the College head and a number of councillors suffer from penis envy as the only thing that seems to matter to them are big shiny new buildings and developments. They appear to be running around shouting look at my shiny new development and forgetting the real issues of concern. Nothing new for councillors I suppose. You would hope the College head would grow a real one and own up to the fact that this is all about his college making money.

  4. I’m just glad that the Tories have called a meeting on the matter.
    Labour seem to have no thought for the people of Woodview and their quality of life. Such a major plan should involve the whole community.

  5. Let’s hope they actually have a debate and it is not simply dismissed because full consultation has supposedly already taken place – which it hasn’t. But don’t hold your breath. The TTGDC don’t think their accountable and on current performance our local councillors are no different.

    Shirley Harley


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