Thursday, September 29, 2022

Little Thurrock primary incident: “Hanging prank in cloakroom”

THE INCIDENT at Little Thurrock primary school that saw a nine-year-old boy rushed to hospital by the Essex air ambulance now appears to have been a “hanging prank’ that so nearly went tragically wrong.

YT reported on the incident that took place on Wednesday afternoon at the Rectory Road school.

An initial police report after the incident said the boy sustained minor neck injuries and they were satisfied the incident was an accident.

Police remained at the scene for several hours.

The boy was flown to the Royal London Hospital where it is believed he has been placed in an induced coma

A source close to the school said it was a “prank that had wrong” involving two boys.

YT understands that one of the boys caught his coat on one of a set of new coat pegs installed in a cloakroom recently and though he became free quickly he remarked that the pressure on his throat “made his voice go funny.”

The second boy then attempted to replicate the incident by hooking himself on a peg but became entangled and his breathing became restricted.

He was entangled for some time before a teacher was alerted. The boy was unconcious and the emergency services, including the helicopter were called in.


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