Monday, September 26, 2022

Shadow education minister “deeply impressed” by Ockendon Academy

THE PERSONABLE shadow education minister, Stephen Twigg was so impressed Ockendon Academy that he extended his visit to the school by well over an hour.

His visit, accompanied by prospective parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington and portfolio holder, Oliver Gerrish was a general visit to the school but Mr Twigg was particularly impressed with the plans for the “Studio school” with its strong links to the world of work.

YT will show the q and a with the year 10 students, later in the week. But after the visit, we spent a little time with Mr Twigg to discuss his impressions of the school.


  1. Excellent – I assume having seen how an excellent academy runs, Stephen, Polly and Oliver come out in support of academies?

    Maybe Ockendon candidate Martin Kerin persuaded them. I believe he teaches at an academy..?

  2. Is The Ockendon Academy still an ‘outstanding’ school? The last Ofsted was in September 2007 and the framework has dramatically changed since then?

    What’s Babs and her staff going to do now that B-TECHs are no longer gonna be worth 4 GCSEs in the league tables?

    ‘Outstanding’ schools according to Ofsted must now have oustanding teaching to secure this highest acolade! I’ll reserve judgement, but some people would say “oh dear”!

  3. And to think just last year Thurrock Labour claimed Academies were Grammar schools by stealth and were trying to snatch back £1.2 million from the Ockendon schools reserves – money they had set aside to build new classrooms.

    After all the problems local Labour politicians had put the school through in the last year If I were the head I would have shown these Labour hypocrites the door.

  4. E.C.M, you hint at rather more knowledge of the Ockendon Academy than you are letting on. What do you base your last sentence on? For the record, I had two kids go through the Ockendon School and I did have some issues with it with regard to the standard of teaching from some teachers (abysmal in one case) and the arcane way they set ‘targets’. It will indeed be interesting to see how it fares when they are scrutinised under the new regime.


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