Saturday, October 1, 2022

Come dine with Ormiston Park Academy

ORMISTON Park Academy have just drawn out plans for their ‘new build’ canteen and have decided that it will have state-of-the-art dining facilities that will be a social hub for parents and pupils. The motive- so that all families can become more involved in their child’s school life and as a result, will draw all of the community together.

The canteen will be strategically placed in the ‘new build’ school, so that it is accessible to parents, providing freshly prepared, quality food. Additionally, there will be a private dining area that will consist of a cafe and terraces. These will be used for special events and meetings, along with a private study area providing the parents with ICT classes, all in the aim of providing a ‘community feel’ to the ‘new build.’

Innovations to the dining areas will include new, hig-tech combination ovens and hobs, which will dramatically increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption. The will be an open-plan dining hall, with ‘Subway’-style sandwich bars. The food will be cooked in batches, so dishes come out in succession and food remains of a high quality throughout the service.

Pupils will no longer have to rush to get good food. They will have plenty of space to queue and will be able line up from either side, which means the queues will move faster and pupils can move between the outlets at their own pace. These new plans will mean added space has been taken up, but a rethink has meant that the seating arrangements will also be revolutionary. Certainly a sight to see when all is in motion.

The new school in the state-of-the-art building is set to provide pupils and teachers with the very best learning environment. Head Teacher, Tess Walker said, “everyone at Ormiston Park Academy is very excited at the prospect of having a new school building and we are delighted with the progress that has been made over the past few months with our architects after what seems like such a long wait. We were very pleased with the number of parents and local residents that took the time to view the plans and listen to our architects during the last few meetings. The response from all present was excellent and all were very pleased to see the progress being made.”


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