Sunday, October 2, 2022

Deputy head moved by Indian experience

THE DEPUTY head of Ormiston Park Academy said the experience of travelling to India and investigating the education system there was a “life changing expereince”.

Collette Hunnisett travelled there as part of the Connecting Classrooms programme along with a number of primary schools in the borough.

The journey is a partnership between the British Council and the Ormiston Trust.

Last week,YT published film footage of the trip. We recently spoke to the deputy head about the experience.


  1. I’ve been there. The level of squalor and deprivation is appalling! The lingering stench that fills the air can be stomach churning! That desperate look in pupils’ eyes revealing their despairing plight is pitiful! Malnutrition and truancy are rife! And apparently, Indian schools can be just the same!


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