Thursday, October 6, 2022

Tanya’s Blog: The Guide’s excellent adventure

By Tanya Coutts

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, I can definitely recommend a trip to London to hunt out one, some, or even all of the amazing eggs dotted across the capital. Whether you go with friends or family (or as a lone explorer) the Big Egg Hunt is a great day out.

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt consists of over 200 eggs crafted by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers hidden across London to raise money for Elephant Family and Action for Children. Each egg has a unique code and these codes can be sent via text to donate funds and to enter into a draw to win the Diamond Jubilee Egg – worth £100,000! But texting aside, the hunt itself is eggs-traordinary (sorry, couldn’t help myself).

Funds raised from the egg hunt are to be shared between Elephant Family and Action for children, two very worthwhile charities. In the past 100 years 90 per cent of Asian elephants have disappeared because of they are losing their habitat as human population grows. Elephant Family raises money for these wonderful animals, raising awareness and protecting their remaining habitats. Action for Children supports around 50,000 vulnerable and neglected children and young people in the UK by providing practical support and counselling to help situations before it becomes too late.

Last weekend, I met up with some Girl Guiding friends to spend a few hours hunting out these unique eggs. At first we hoped only to find a few to say we had taken part in this record-breaking hunt, but once we started our Guiding instincts of treasure hunting were tapped into and we just couldn’t be stopped.

The eggs are located all across London, from Canary Wharf to Knightsbridge, and there is a lot of ground to cover. But the team at the Big Egg Hunt have helpfully divided up the capital into twelve zones, making the task of finding the eggs much easier.

So armed with the zone maps, my friends and I started out from Leicester Square to find as many as we could before sundown. Hopping from zone to zone searching the capital for eggs was so much fun and it’s all for a great cause. We found about 30 eggs in the time we had, but we met others along the way who had set out much earlier and had found lots more.

We found some remarkable eggs on our hunt including Humpty-Dumpty who thankfully hasn’t fallen off his wall yet, the Gentleman’s Egg Trunk which was being used in a shop window to hang ties and stack shirts and the Golden Speckled Egg for all those chocoholics. There’s even a Where’s Wally egg that hides in different places every few days with clues about how to find him given on the Facebook and Twitter accounts for the hunt. But, I think out of all of the eggs the Wally one is my favourite – it’s so playful and I did always love Where’s Wally. There are also so many more egg-citing and wonderful eggs still left to find.

Raising money for charity is a great thing to do, but when Elephant Family ( and Action for Children ( ) teamed up to raise important funds, they made the experience fun for everyone. Together they created the Big Egg Hunt and with so many ways to get involved in this event it’s impossible not to be a part of it.


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