Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hockey-League leaders humble Thurrock

Old Southendians 4 Thurrock 0

This was always going to be a mounting to climb with Old Southendians at the top of the league and Thurrock fighting to stay up! Thurrock started out well defending as a solid unit holding old’southendians off and stringing together some very well worked hockey, also applying pressure as we push on the attacks looking very dangerous with capt steven abbot wanting the ball fast and with pace, andre rudder decided to throw his toys out the pram as the consistent stick tackles kept coming, and with the umpires making a few questionable it turn the game around, come the end of the first half it was 1-0 to old’southendians.

The second half wasn’t going to be easy but Thurrock gave there all and despite playing some good movement on and off the ball they couldn’t put a chance away, with the defence working hard they couldn’t deal with the runners coming through from the left and where broken by a few not back tracked runners, with the final score ending 4-0, old’s where too good on the day. With thomas ing taking man of the match putting in a solid performance at the back along with the rest of the defence line.

Despite the result this was a good Thurrock performance and need to show more of the same to stay in the league.

Next week Thurrock face Witham @ Palmers College and West Herts on Sunday.


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