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A golden anniversary for Yash and Pushpa

PUSHPA and Yash Gupta, local residents for the last 38 years celebrated their GOLDEN WEDDING ANNIVERSARY in a local restuarant on Sunday 11th March, 2012 with fifty guests which included their children, grandchildren, close relatives and very close friends.

Their day started with the visit to the Bhakti Vadanta Mandir in Watford where they joined the Thanks Giving ceremony. The rest of the day was spent with the celebrations at the restaurant with their guests.

Their children and grand children arranged this surprise party for this great occasion.

Yash and Pushpa wore their traditional wedding dresses and renewed their marriage vows. Their Brother-in – Law Rajinder and his wife Raj who were witnesses to their marriage fifty years ago spoke about their grand day on 9th March 1962 when Puahpa & Yash got married at Amritsar in India. He talked about some of the significant achievements of Yash & Pushpa since they came to the UK in 1966: Going to the Royal Palace to receive their MBE and getting GLORY of INDIA award from the International Friendship Society.

He spoke about their loving and caring relationship over all these years.

Yash read out two quotes from the cards given to him by his children and grandchildren which showed the significance of this day in their lives;

“Congratulations Mum & Dad on enjoying such a great 50 years of marriage. You have set a very good example to us and we hope to achieve the same glorious years of marriage as you both have’ Raj,Rita ,Renu and Akhil.

‘ After fifty years you still say to each other; I love you in many different ways. You share a special happiness which life gives to very few.’ Ravi, Seema and Milan.


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