Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Thurrock artists ‘Feed or Greed’ exhibition set to raise awareness of food waste

 A GROUP of students from the University of East London (UEL) will be running a specially organized art exhibition and awareness event entitled ‘Feed or Greed’ in Belvedere this weekend (Saturday 24 March).

The three-hour show is set to include a talk from Father Thomas Dunton, chaplain of the University of East London’s Catholic Society and one of the Brothers of St John based in Canning Town.

Artworks have been created by: Antonisia Schroder, Arwa Lewinsky, Billy Bonzo, Sarah Clark, Josh Hayes, Sam Taylor and Ardian Kapiti.

The exhibition has been put on by the group from UEL in association with the United Nations Photo Library, and the work being exhibited also includes some incredible and striking images taken from some of the areas of our world most affected by drought, food shortages and unnecessary war.

Tilbury-based  Antonisia, a photographer, said: “This exhibition is a great way to really bring home to people the impact of the inequality that currently exists between our world’s poorest and the richest in countries like ours and the United States.

“It will be an opportunity to look at some brand new art created especially for this exhibition.”

The exhibition and speeches take place between 5.30 and 8.30pm on Saturday 24 March, but the venue remains open for another week for visitors to see the artworks. The venue is the upper function room at the Belvedere Hotel, 2 Picardy Road, Belvedere.


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