Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Aveley councillor shocked over “plans” to close library

A SENIOR Conservative councillor has said she is shocked to hear Labour’s proposal to close Aveley Library and sell off the land!

Cllr Wendy Herd understands residents will now have to travel to Ockendon if they wish to continue to use library services.

Cllr Herd said: “She says many residents who access the library do so because it is a local facility. We have four OAP complexes in Aveley within walking distance of the library.

“Baby rhyme time is very popular…this all builds community cohesion. To cut the service when literacy is so important is terrible.


  1. Is this more scaremongering before the local elections?
    Lets hope so!
    Cllr Kent needs to make a statement to bury this.

  2. To close any public building down and flog the land to private investors is a complete disgrace, at present the closures and sales are only a thought from the local council but these will soon become a reality unless local pressure is put on those in power to reverse any decision to close these down.

    Local people need to organise themselves and fight against these crazy political ideas.

  3. Perhaps Cllr Herd would like to publish some documentary evidence to back up her claim that the Labour controlled Council are planning to flog Aveley Library? Until such evidence sees the light of day one has to treat such pre election scaremongering with a pinch of salt.

    One hopes no minutes exist of any meetings of councillors and officers when the Conservatives controlled the council showing they were planning or at least discussing the possibility to reduce library numbers in Thurrock.

    Would be breathtaking hypocrisy if they did.

  4. Ed, your post reflects a lot of what is wrong in Thurrock at the moment. This issue should not be about point scoring and who said what and when, that’s the language of the playground and it should stay there. Our Cllr’s need to grow up and learn that us voters are not stupid. It’s no good coming out with statements such as Cllr Herd’s unless you have the evidence to back it up. If the evidence is there, let’s see it. If the evidence is there then let’s not go name calling and coming out with a raft of “yeah but last year so and so said this” or, “you once were going to do that”. None of that matters. Tell us what is going on now. Show us your proof and deal with it like grown ups. Maybe then you Cllr’s will earn some respect and maybe then, come election time, more people will get out and vote.

  5. I think that Cllr Wendy Herd Is telling porkie pies and worrying her residents for no more than a few votes on May 3rd. As far as I can recall there has been no talk of closing any libraries in Thurrock. This is all in the mind of Thurrock Tories and follows Cllr Andresons very public outburst in the council chamber on Wednesday. Cllr Herd would know this of she had actually turned up for the meeting when the cabinet member who is in charge of libraries made it clear that Thurrock libraries were NOT closing.

    If Cllr Wendy Herd has evidence to say that the library is closing then she needs to
    produce it or issue can apology to her residents.

  6. I have just read on another post that the current Aveley Cllr is standing down at the elections. Would I be looking into things too deep if thought that Cllr Herd was preparing the ground for this stupid statement to be used in the election leaflets in May.
    The thing that worries me the most is she directly aims this press release at the OAPs in her ward.

  7. If this councillor. Was so worried perhaps she should of put herself out, and been bothered to attend the full council meeting on Wensday evening
    Still as past meetings show she doesn’t attend if she has a question to answer.

    She is just very good at scaremongering .
    When are these politicians going to grow up

  8. Are people forgetting that there’s been stuff in the news about 17 properties that the Labour cabinet agreed to dispose of, without revealing what they are? This is one of the 17!

  9. Sorry Ben
    If you read the local papers it tells the whole story .
    It doesn’t help that this cllr doesn’t attend meetings then goes on to scaremonger.
    Iam not disputing that if the story was to be true it would be absolutely terrible for the local people,but councillors should get all the facts first.
    Let’s not forget that when the Tories were in power it was the schools being threaten for sale.

  10. Has anyone ever heard of the little boy who kept calling wolf ?. In this case little girl. No one listens to the tory spin anymore. Perhaps we should take more note on the tory SLEAZE that has been regularly reported on this site. I am sure any editor worth his salt would not report on such things without sufficient credible back up ?.

  11. So lets get this right, labour supporters are saying that this cllr is using the same tactics as them at last years elections!!!!!!!
    Grays Beach
    Thaneside Theatre

  12. So Deidre/Chickenfeed – this is how low politics in Thurrock has now descended with each side telling blatant lies about the other sides policies? You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    I for one don’t want our election campaigns in Thurrock based on a blatant LIE.

    I want the campaigns based on policies and what the parties will offer the residents of the borough and their plans for the future of Thurrock.

    If both parties are going to campaign on LIES then the only loser will be the resident.This sort of campaigning wil eventually allow a third political party to gain support – the LibDems or a coalition of Independant resident councillors.

    Campaining on a LIE will eventually lead to the demise of the LYING political party.

    I thought Councilor Anderson was a man of Christian principles but he has instead taken a leaf out of the propaganda book of Nazi Joseph Goebells – “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

    Last year, when the Conservative thought they were going to lose Aveley, they resorted to extrems right wing literature akin to the BNP, attacking immigrants, asylum seekers and travellers, this year they would appear to be sinking even lower by basing their entire campaign on a blatant LIE.

  13. Sounds like the Labour party are finished then. No one can surpass them when it comes to lying to the public. Why doesn’t comrade Kent publish the secret list he says the public aren’t allowed to see. That should solve the matter. I’m sure councillor anderson will be interested to know that he’s a Nazi and a racist. The jolly old comrades have started frothing at the mouth already and the election campaign has barely started.


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