Friday, October 7, 2022

People’s Pledge Bus set to roll this weekend

WITH ballot papers now arriving from today and the local referendum in Thurrock coming to a crescendo, in the next few days the People’s Pledge team will be out in the constituency reminding people to vote.

The team has hired an open top Routemaster bus for the day, decked out with People’s Pledge banners, to get supporters around the constituency when they are knocking on doors. There will also be a van pulling a 6×3 metre A-frame with posters. Both vehicles will carry the same message:

“Thurrock leading the way: vote “AGREE” for an EU referendum.”

Polls will close at 5pm on Thursday 5 April 2012.

More than 4,000 local Thurrock people have signed up to the People’s Pledge and many more are expected to send back ballot papers. The national support for the People’s Pledge now stands at over 98,000.

Ian McKenzie, People’s Pledge Communications Director, said:

“Everyone in Thurrock must know this vote is happening by now, the response to our campaign has been fantastic. People should encourage their family and friends to vote. There are a few days left but people must post their ballot papers back in plenty of time to arrive on 5 April. They have until Wednesday 28 to register for a ballot paper if they are on the private section of the electoral roll.”


  1. I am still trying to se what all of this is about, so we have a vote on whether we want a referendum or not, will the Government listen to this or will that, as usual, just turn a blind eye to the result, time will tell on this issue I suppose….

  2. The Government will only take calls for a referendum seriously once UKIP MPs start getting voted into Parliament.

  3. I cast my vote today (for a referendum). The Government has many polls to fall back on over this issue but polls are almost always skewed one way or the other depending on who is doing the polling and what the motivation for doing it is. The People’s Pledge vote is controlled by the electoral reform service and is therefore the first time people’s votes have been collected as if it were a national vote. The results will give a much clearer idea of how, as a country, we stand in relation to the EU. That has to be a good thing. Whether Government will take note is another issue altogether.

  4. Gray64, unfortunately this is in no way comparable to a national vote. For starters, they only have access to the “public” version of the electoral role – many people choose not to be on the public version, meaning they won’t get a ballot paper.

    There is no “national” campaign (and associated media coverage), and the question is worded in such a way that it makes it more likely the organisers will get what they want – a yes vote.

    Also, there isn’t a “no” campaign – there’s no point in having one, because the vote has no meaning or weight. I suspect a relatively low number of ballot papers will be returned, and those that are will be from people who care – yes voters. A genuine national vote would have a higher turnout, especially amongst “no” voters.

    If this campaign gets 10,000 yes votes they will have done well – still less than 15% of the electorate.

  5. I live in Chadwell St. Mary, and my neighbour said they were knocking on doors here last week. Ben Gadsby, from what I gather, they are tackling the issue of only having access to the public register by going to every address not listed to ask people for their details so they can get a ballot paper! And there was quite a bit of buzz here in Thurrock before it was announced we were to get the 1st referendum vote because of all the national media the campaign seemed to be getting, so I think you may just not have seen it….whether they will get 10,000 is another matter…considering the UKIP vote is so slow and that many parts of the constituency have such extreme variations in turnout over the years. Then again, binding referendums on directly elected mayors were getting 10-15% of the turnout yet the results still stood!


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