Friday, October 7, 2022

Oh Aaron…where art thou?

HE STARTED THE year as, what seemed to be, a breath of fresh air in Thurrock politics. Unfortunately, Ockendon councillor, Aaron Kiely, now seems to have disappeared into fresh air completely.

Last month, cllr Kiely failed to appear at a council meeting and made no apologies to his bosses. On Wednesday, he embarrassed them again, as he failed to turn up, failed to send any apologies but spent the day demonstrating in London before travelling to Sheffield for more political agitation.

YT has spoken to a number of Labour sources who have expressed their dismay. They point out that he is dealing with a lot of case-work but there is also a concern that he is handing the Tories a gilt-edged opportunity for the local elections.


  1. From the past news stories regarding Cllr Kiely he seems like someone who is a typical left wing marxist, he has spent more time on demonstrations and twitter than helping those who got him elected to the position, hopefully he has not been paid any money from the council coffers whilst he has been fulfilling his dream of becoming a political cativist for the Left portion of Labour.

    As has been said in the report above he has probably given the Tories a seat.

  2. He has to keep up with his contacts, because let’s face it how else will he be able to get 20 people out campaigning for him when he’s up for re-election, like last year?

    Also, he’s got to make sure he has enough votes to get elected to the NUS position that he’s currently campaigning for, that’s important.

  3. This story has been here for some time now, and no defending from his labour colleagues? Not even Sallb , Dave Peterson Tilbury or Colin Barnes, but maybe you cant defend the indefensible?

  4. Mr Kiely has become a bit of a ‘Rent a Red’. Any Socialist cause, anywhere at anytime and he’s your man! I can kind of understand his youthful enthusiasm and desire to make an impact on the political scene but, once he won his seat on the Council, he should have knuckled down and got on with the job. His current invisible man act is unacceptable.

  5. They seek him here they seek him here that damn elusive Kiely.

    After Labour’s outstanding community campaigning councillor for Ockendon Barry Lawrence residents must feel somewhat betrayed with the way young Kiely has turned out.

    He promised so much and delivered so little. Labour had got back into South Ockendon ward and could have proved what a hard working team of Labour Councillors could deliver for the residents and instead loony leftie firebrand Kiely appears to have ruined it.

    Labour have been campaigning very hard in the ward with very large teams of activists while Conservative Barry Johnson has cut a very lonely solitary figure campaining on his own – abandoned by Cllr Arnold who is apparently moving to a nicer part of Essex near decent schools – although all her hard work in Police/Councillor relations should be more widely acknowledged – and poor old Cllr Carr who looks somewhat under the weather.

    Last elections poor Barry Johnson was abandoned by his fellow Conservatives, who instead spent all their time campaigning in Aveley ward putting out their extreme right wing leaflets and their bordering on slanderous filled with bile leaflets attacking former Conservative Mayor Colin Churchman who was standing as an independent.

    One wonders if history will repeat itself though? The Conservatives have an open goal in Ockendon, but will they instead pour their resources in Ockendon to try and defeat Colin Churchman, UKIPs Tim Aker, and if the rumours are true another well respected community campaigner who is standing as an independent?

  6. Just a few notes: If Labour fails to win in Ockendon it will be entirely down to Cllr Kielly! Just hope the tories in Aveley don’t go down the racist route again like they did last year, I would expect that from the BNP, not the modern Conservative party!


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