Saturday, October 1, 2022

Tories delighted at Corringham traffic calming measures

CONSERVATIVE Councillors in Stanford and Corringham have said they are pleased that measures to reduce speeding on Southend Road in Stanford-le-Hope have started to be taken, but warned that more still needs to be done.

After a long campaign led by Conservatives from the Homesteads and Stanford East & Corringham Town wards, ‘stage 1’ measures consisting of red textured road markings and ‘slow’ signs protecting the key junctions were installed on Southend Road this week.

Stanford East and Corringham Town Councillor Phil Anderson said “after months of campaigning it is great to see the first measures to reduce speed and improve safety on Southend Road being taken.

This is a clear step in the right direction, but few residents believe that this will be enough on its own. We have got an application in for flashing speed signs and a pedestrian crossing from next year’s budget round, and I am hopeful that this will be approved to complete that package of measures that the consultation showed that residents wanted to see.”


  1. In my experience flashing speed signs are usually ignored, even the chichane at the entrance to North Stifford, where drivers use the bus only lane.
    Unfortunately speed cameras are the only effective deterent.

  2. Static speed cameras are only effective if they are maintained and offences acted upon, this takes man power, something that a lot of local police forces no longer have

  3. You do have to wonder just what the Tories were doing for all those years they were in control?
    I would therefore be thanking the ruling administration for getting this work financed.

  4. If you watch the traffic at any speed camera, whether its working or not, or maintained, the drivers still stick rigidly to the speed limit.

  5. Sallyb does make me smile, you have to admire her efforts to twist every story into something anti Tory and Pro Labour. Hey, perhaps she’s related to PollyB?


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