Thursday, September 29, 2022

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls visits Thurrock

SHADOW chancellor Ed Balls dropped into Chadwell St Mary on Friday afternoon to bolster the Labour campaign for the May elections.

Mr Balls visited the Alf Lowen centre to spend some time with service users. Mr Balls even had time for a few rounds of bingo. Flanked by prospective parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington, we did see the shadow chancellor get the numbers right and win a full house.

After wards, YT spent a little time with Mr Balls to get his view of the campaign, the recent budget and whether, in the 20th anniversary of the 1992 general election, whether Miliband and Balls face the same “credible alternative” problems as Neil Kinnock and John Smith.


  1. I am assuming that Labour no longer see Thurrock as a safe seat for them as they are bringing out their big guns every week, they are obviously running scared???

  2. Have they finally decided that Kielly has lost it for them in Ockendon? as this is the first time one of their “big guns” has not visited the ward, or did I miss him and pretty polly?

  3. The reason they are sending these big guns to Ockendon is simple really, thier Labour Councillors have done nothing for thier residents both Ockendon and Belhus and know they have lost the support of the residents. I havent seen any of them knock on my door, maybe its a bit too much effort for them or could it be they are not welcome?

  4. I have just listened to ed balls under duress, am I a bit thick or something but isnt the election about our wards? why the hell is he talking about the Gov?

  5. I’ve heard Dave George and Eric are goin to do a bit more for them. They are so desperate to get rid of Thurrock Tories even their own have turned on them

  6. Anyone with half a brain can work out this is all about getting sister Polly, Milibrains place man, elected at any upcoming general election. They don’t care about the pleb Labour councillors at all and least of all do they care about representing the views of the people that live in Thurrock. What do Labour’s Islington mafia know about Thurrock. Sweet FA that’s what.

  7. NoVoice, shouldn’t that be place person? Can’t have anybody thinking we aren’t PC here in Thurrock eh?

  8. The last thing Thurrock needs is a left leaning, PC bashing MP in the form of champagne socialist Polly from “vibrant” Inner London. We already have a useless council…thats enough Labour we can handle!


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