Thursday, October 6, 2022

Polly urges Thurrock MP to vote against “Granny Tax”

PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Thurrock Labour, Polly Billington has urged Thurrock MP, Jackie Doyle Price to vote against the “granny tax” in the House of Commons on Thursday.

Ms Billington’s call comes as Thurrock pensioners heard this morning that they may be hit by a second wave of cuts.

Under the first cuts, new Thurrock pensioners were set to lose £197.

Buried in the budget small print were plans to slash the savings credit payment — then scrap it altogether in 2016.

Single pensioners will see their handout cut from £20.52 a week to £18.54 or from £27.09 to £23.73 for couples reports a newspaper.

But thousands of new pensioners will be clobbered even harder when the benefit goes, according to research by the House of Commons library.

It will cost them up to £17.52 a week — or £897 a year.

Ms Billington said: “Pensioners have had a raw deal under this Government, but with the tax raid on them announced in the recent Budget, George Osborne is making tough times even tougher for older people. People are appalled by the fact that millionaires will be getting a tax break while 4.4 million pensioners lose out, and Jackie Doyle Price should see the sense in listening to them.

“Older people in Thurrock have worked hard all their lives and don’t expect in hard times for the government to claw back tax from them while giving tax cuts to millionaires. Jackie Doyle-Price has a choice on Thursday: I would urge her to vote against the so-called granny tax to show she understands the concerns of the people of Thurrock that the government is making it harder for people to manage as prices increase.

“If Jackie backs the Government on Thursday, she will be voting against the interests of the people in Thurrock who have worked all their lives and were hoping for a comfortable old age, and their families. I urge her to do the right thing for once.”

Jackie Doyle Price is unavailable for comment.


  1. Just a couple of points, if the 50p rate was such a great idea and taxing the rich in that way was the right thing to do, why did Labour only introduce it in the last days of the Brown Government? Why should we take any notice of Labour when they haven’t proposed any alternative policies to combat the financial dire straits we find ourselves in?

  2. Labour will always be on he back foot with regards to finding alternatives to the financial situation that they left us in, they would only seek to borrow even more money than to try and sort the mess out from within.

    lets not forget that most of the Labour party have forgotten anything before 2010 and the complete disregard to the public purse that they had.

  3. They have no alternative. Deny everything, oppose everything is their motto.

    Although the Tories need to go back to the drawing board in regards to the granny tax. Pensioners should not have their lives made any less comfortable in my humble opinion.

  4. Bernard

    I have translated that into Latin, and it can be Polly’s new motto

    Denego panton , obviam ire panton

    I have also added operor vos reputo nos es bardus (do they think we are stupid).

  5. About time JDP showed some guts and rebelled. Thurrock like a rebel MP who put us old age pensioners first!

  6. I would be very surprised if JDP ever voted against any Government policy, she’s a career politician, just the same as Pretty Polly is.

  7. Why do people live in a country. Because it is safe, it provides you with an opportunity to prosper and in the case of this country provides you with a safety net for you an your children in your old age. It provides for your health care and it educates you for free. On the other hand you pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax to pay for that. That is if you actually work or you have lived here for more than a couple of weeks. Labour will win the local elections and they will probably win the next general election. My bet is that this country will be broke within 3 years of the next Labour government taking power. Their stance against business and banks making profits, i.e prospering, will kill this country. The Tories at the moment are useless but at least they are holding up the credibility of this country in the real world. When voting Labour remember this. They tripled the welfare budget, they tripled the healthcare budget and they tripled the education budget. Does everyone in this country feel 3 times better off. Imagine what they’ll do next time. If you’re happy paying for people to sit on their ar*e doing nothing when you’ve just paid your last tax bill vote Labour. If you’re happy paying for people to bring over their families from another country to sit on their ar*e while you pay for them then vote Labour. If you’re happy to pay for Mr Qatada and his friends and family to live a comfortable life in the capital city of this country then vote Labour. This is a local election and as far as i’m concerned you cant’t get much more local than you as a person.

  8. As I have said before JDP votes for what her political mandarins tell her to, not what her heart or constituents ask her to.
    She has only rebelled on the Daylight Savings Bill.


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