Saturday, October 1, 2022

Council leader Kent in positive mood on campaign trail

IT WAS a busy morning for Labour down in Grays. Council leader John Kent, shadow business secretary Toby Perkins MP, prospective parliamentary candidate, Polly Billington, councillors and party activists, all went door to door.

Some may think it is a done deal down in Grays but Labour appear not to be prepared to take any ward for granted. They did that before in this area and it let in the BNP.

Cllr Kent is up for re-election as a ward member in Grays Riverside, so our questions focus mainly on his ward.


  1. Why are they traiping around the doors during the mornings, surely they would be better off waiting until after 17:00 when most people are back from work, or is it just the unemployed that Labour are after 🙂

  2. Not many people in Grays working. Those that do get home and bolt their doors after 17.00 – Cuts and failed Economic Promises.

  3. That is quite amusing Lambo, but I think the real reason is because Cllr Kent doesnt want to have to tell too many lies to residents about what he and his administration have achieved or attempted to achieve, so the fewer people in the better!!! Infact a leaflet that I recently received did not mention ANY achievements, only a wish list and what it wont do. When will they admit to being the administration of Thurrock Council, and admit they are clueless?

  4. Its a pity the candidates, especially the Labour candidate, in Belhus Ward are not so enthusiatic as they appear to be in Cllr Kent’s Ward and elsewhere. I recently “blogged” YT regarding this apparant complacancy and I repeat it here as it would seem that YT are reluctant to publish it as part of their Ward by Ward reporting.

    A Word in Your Ear” from Mr Peter Perrin
    Belhus Ward – Council Election
    WARNING – There could be trouble ahead
    As a resident of Belhus Ward you could be forgiven if you were unaware that 4 candidates are seeking election to the Council on 3rd May, 2012, the silence from all of them has been “deafening”.
    In particular, Labour Party supporters in Belhus may feel their vote is being taken for granted and the candidate considers it a “done deal” and has no need to concern herself with the tedious business of campaigning, meeting and talking to people and hearing about LOCAL issues and problems. Issues such as LOCAL action to deal with Anti- Social Behaviour, LOCAL action to deal with LOCAL Crime, LOCAL safe and decent housing, LOCAL safe roads, LOCAL employment to mention a few. I would like to think her “invisibility” is attributable to complacency rather than I can’t be bothered laziness.
    To all the Belhus Ward candidates, take heed, voters do not like being ignored or taken for granted. If you, as candidates, cannot be bothered to communicate with and listen to those you expect to vote for you then you should not be surprised if the voters cannot be bothered with you.

  5. jmw118, what a pity your comment seems to have passed by the Belhus Labour Party candidate. Sometimes the conduct of Councillors leaves no alternative but personal comment.

  6. Mr Perrin your comments are precise, pity about jmw118 comments.
    To all the Belhus residents who have asked for Cllr Lynn Carr to help with a problem that Cllr Wendy Curtis could not or would not do I give you the latest news. Cllr Wendy Curtis informing residents that Cllr Lynn Carr is stepping down (not so) not very nice of you Wendy Curtis, but then again these are the sort of Belhus Councillors we have to put up with. I do get comfort in the thought what goes around comes around and what you sow so shall you reap.

  7. Personally I think it’s quite disgraceful when political is merged with personal, especially when people think it is appropriate to do so in such an obvious matter. Is it professional to ask a married woman if she would like children in the future whilst in a job interview? Definitely not, because it blurs the line between professional and private and is therefore prohibited by law.

  8. From 1.10 onwards, Cllr Kent has made the pledge that the parking permit fee is going to be scrapped.

    There are many areas in Thurrock where residents pay the council for a parking permit so only residents can park in certain areas in Thurrock.

    At the moment the charge covers the cost of administering the scheme for residents parking permits so the cost of the scheme is paid for by the people using it.

    Cllr Kent has promised the fee is going to be scrapped. There are no ifs or buts he has promised it is going. Residents I assume would still be issued with parking permits and there will still be a cost for administering the scheme but now, instead of those using the scheme paying for it, the cost will be bourne by all local tax payers instead.

    There are also other areas of the borough where residents want parking restrictions and parking permits but don’t want to pay the charge so they put up with their road being clogged up with commuters, the estate next to Ockendon railway station springs to mind. Does this now mean thatnthese residents wil be given free parking permits?

    Or does Cllr Kent’s pledge only apply to the residents in his Grays Riverside ward rather than the entire borough?

    An idea where the cost of the scheme can be cost neutral for the council, so the burden isn’t placed on al taxpayers, is to sell advertising space on the back of the parking tickets issued in the council run carparks. This could cover the costs of scrapping the fee for the permits.

    Perhaps YourThurrock can seek clarification if the parking fees are going to be scrapped across Thurrock or just for those lucky residents that reside in Cllr Kent ward. Clarification should also be sought on how much scrapping the fee will cost and how the missing money will then be found.

  9. candour ,are you sure Wendy Curtis is not breaking the news that Cllr Kiely is stepping down?????????????????? If she isnt it is yet another sad day for Belhus and Ockendon residents.

  10. chickenfeed1, No I have got this absoluely right (from the horses mouth so to speak) But then this is not unusual for Lady Muck, your Highness, the Queen of double standards or what ever she would like to call herself, shame her role as the god mother ends next month that wont do her ego any good it seems she is getting back into practise with her vile tongue. As for Kiely no she would not say anything untoward about her beloved Kiely now would she? She and the Mayor nutured him for this position, wouldnt look good if they were to turn on him, maybe just maybe he has something on them both? or is it that they both would look idiots, thats what our labour lot seem to consist of now days. So is Kiely being suspended? i have just read the Enquirer page five, come on YT give us some info on this.

  11. The Comrade is confident because he’s cornered the immigrant vote thus ensuring glorious victory in the forthcoming elections. Payback for the Labour party, “ we let you in now vote for us”. If you’re English working class, p*ss off you scroungers. His seat is being renamed the glorious centre of cultural reform, approved by the TTGDC before they were disbanded. They tried to get white English working class people banned from voting but the ECHR declined on the basis that they were probably soon to become a small indigenous population whose right to life should be protected. Apparently the Comrade leader may be holding a nuclear test soon so if you’re visiting the pound shops in Grays, all staffed by highly educated, highly motivated , work orientated immigrants, be sure you listen out for the warnings from the imperial palace in New road. Bye Bye Thurrock and it aint just because I think Thurrock has become the ar*eho*e of London. I know it has and it’s at the behest of the Labour party who want Thurrock as another safe seat in the South East. Welcome to immigratia people, the new promised Labour land.


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