Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Blog: “Labour could be Labour’s achilles heel” says Mr Perrin

“A Word in Your Ear” from Mr Peter Perrin

Council Election – Belhus/ South Ockendon Wards.

The Labour Party campaigns in Belhus and South Ockendon can be summed up by two words “complacency” and “blitz”.

The Belhus Labour candidate seems to have borrowed the cloak of “invisibility” from Aaron Kiely who has been “posing” as a Councillor for South Ockendon for the past year.

If the Belhus Ward Labour candidate, Sue Gray, believes it is a “done deal” and she has no need to subject herself to the rigours of campaigning there is the danger that such an attitude could be interpreted by voters as at best complacency at worst laziness.

People do not take kindly to being ignored or having their vote taken for granted, they want their Councillors to be meeting with them and listening to LOCAL issues of concern.

In contrast the Labour Party campaign in South Ockendon has all the characteristics of a “blitz”. A considerable number of party campaigners have been out in support of Martin Kerin, though one or two have been “conspicuous” by their absence.

They have saturated the ward with leaflets, knocked on doors to speak to people, persuaded shadow ministers such as Caroline Flint to campaign with them and even had a visit from Ed Miliband. Polly Billington, the prospective Parliamentary candidate, along with Martin Kerin, has led the band of campaigners with determination and enthusiasm demonstrating the vital necessity of securing a victory in South Ockendon for Labour.

As I see it there is the possibility that Labour could end up losing both Belhus and South Ockendon. Belhus due to complacency, South Ockendon due to the “antics” of Aaron Kiely.


  1. Well the Labour party seem to be getting so despreate to get people out to deliver their leaflets they appear to have taken to hiring Romanian immigrantsv to do it for them. Read the story about the independent councillor for East Tilbury. Labour playing the race card again.

  2. Sorry you can’t read the story because it was obviously too damaging to the Labour party and your Thurrock has probably been ordered to remove it. I believe Councillor Purkiss was accuised of making racist comments by a Romanian immigrant who was employed by the Labour party to hand out leaflets for them. The accusation was made to the Police. Naturally the Labour party can’t comment. Scraping the barrel once again. Perhaps Labour are after the Romanian vote. If you’re english you’d be mad to vote for them.

  3. Thanks NoVoice, But isnt it what Labour do? No they will never have my vote I have seen and heard too much. Not good.

  4. Labours tactics are to flood whole wards with activists and leaflets, win councillors who then go on to move away from Thurrock and do nothing for their electors. Keily and Baldwin are a good example.


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