Monday, September 26, 2022

East Tilbury councillor at centre of police “racial abuse” probe

A VETERAN East Tilbury councillor is at the centre of an alleged race storm involving a Romanian Labour canvasser.

The 28-year-old canvasser has made a complaint to Essex Police that she was racially abused whilst handing out leaflets outside Stanford House in East Tilbury on Thursday afternoon (4.20pm on Thursday 19th).

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We have received a complaint from a 28-year-old Romanian woman regarding racial abuse whilst handing out election leaflets outside Stanford House in East Tilbury.

“Enquiries are continuing.”

Speaking to YT on Saturday morning, Independent councillor for East Tilbury, cllr John Purkiss gave his version of events.

He said: “This is a malicious allegation. There was no racial abuse. I was outside Stanford House. A woman handed a leaflet to me, I said no thanks and placed it in the bin.

“I told her to pick up the leaflets and she said ‘I don’t speak English.”

“This is typical Labour. Every election they come up with something.

“I have not heard from the police but of course I will help them with their inquiries.”

A spokesperson for the Labour group said: “There was an alleged incident in East Tilbury involving a Labour Party activist and a member of the public.

“Our activist has reported the matter to the police who we understand are investigating the incident. As such it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.


  1. Perhaps they should also investigate whether the Labour party were paying this person, how they were paying her, i.e. cash in hand and whether this person is claiming benefits and declaring any income earned. P

  2. Perhaps they should also investigate the Labour party to ensure they made the correct checks on this person before employing her and whether they have applied employment laws and paid her the minimum wage. You aint telling me that a Romanian that can’t speak english understands the nuances of the English political system and helped the Labour party out because she’s an ardent follower of there’s and didn’t mind handing out leaflets for free.

  3. There is a feeling that yet again this will turn to the East Tibury independents advantage and somehow a leafleter for an opposition party will be made to be the one in the wrong and not the victim. If this did happen as reported then it needs to be followed through, this is rude at the least and racist at its worse.Easy Tilbury residents need a refresh and some new blood needs to be injected to represent them. Whether that is a new independent candidate, Tory, Lib Dem or Labour it needs to happen. These two have got a little two comfy and think they are the untouchables.

  4. This is no more than the Labour party playing the race card as usual. If she can’t speak english how did she know she was being racially abused. How desperate are the Labour party to have to employ Romanian immigrants to canvass for them. They are a disgrace.

  5. What is the world coming to???
    Mr Purkiss is a fine man and represents East Tilbury very well.
    Is he racist?….NO WAY!
    None of us were there when something happened. So lets not make up stories to suit our own agendas.
    Stop this silliness now 🙂

  6. I do not usually get involved in debates however feel that I must have my say on this occasion!

    I was also handing out leaflets for Labour on this day with the girl in question. I had to leave at 4pm due to work commitments and heard of the attack that happened twenty minutes later through our friend. She is fully legal and we were not ’employed’…simply helping a friend out in our spare time!

    Despite the language barrier it is clear to anyone that meets her that she is a pleasant, respectful young woman who would in no circumstance lie about such a serious matter.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion however I would urge you to keep it to yourself. Whatever you may think about the situation I feel she has been through enough and does not need to be told of rants on the internet about her by people she doesn’t even know and weren’t even there.

    Almost everyone member of the public we spoke to on the day were friendly and polite. The aim of handing the flyers out was not to tell people what to do and who to vote for but to get information out there about Jaz. How can you make a choice about who to vote for in any election without information on the options?!

    So that be said, I hope this matter can settle and be dealt with in the correct manner…

  7. If she cannot talk English why are the Labour party using her to hand out leaflets?
    What about if someone stopped to ask her a question? How would she answer them?

  8. Why would a Romanian immigrant not entitled to vote in British elections be doing handing out leaflets on behalf of the Labour party as a favour to the Labour party in her spare time. Surely she’s working because if she wasn’t she’d probably be on benefits. Is she declaring the “voluntary” work. misspjc I think you meant to say alleged incident and not definite attack. Or are you saying that a Romanian immigrants word is more trustworthy than that of a long standing Councillor. From my understanding it was the independent councillors that have kept the Labour party in power at the council. There’s payback for you Labour style. If you don’t vote Labour and your not an immigrant watch your back or you’ll be reported to the police as a racist.

  9. Romania is a members state of the European Union so residents citizens can vote in UK local and European Elections – but not in General Elections or referendums.

    Romanian citizens residing in the UK are unable to claim benefits unless they are working or self employed as Romania was a late entrant to the EU.

    Even if a political activist was unemployed and on benefits they don’t have to declare if they are handing out leaflets for a political party as political activists are volunteers and don’t receive any renumeration for campaigning otherwise it becomes an election expense. I don’t have the rules in front of me but I’m sure it is illegal to pay for help.

    Thurrock has Councillors born in India and Nigeria and has had a Councillor born in Spain. The Conservatives have a number of non English born candidates this year. Why shouldn’t someone who is from Romania, who is allowed to vote in local elections, irrespective of their employment status, not be allowed to campaign for a political party?

    Back to the original story – the matter of the alleged racial abuse is in the hands of the Police – the elected councillor has admitted to dropping litter – residents have been slapped with huge fines for dropping a single cigarette butt – what should Thurrock Council fine an elected Councilllor for littering the street and what sort of place does the Romanian think Thurrock is when its elected representatives treat the borough as a dustbin?

  10. Absolute rubbish that Romanians and Bulgarians can not and do not claim benefits. With regards to voting, why should Romanian immigrants be allowed to vote in local elections and why are the Labour party employing them to do so, be it voluntary “unpaid” or otherwise. The Tories were done for fixing the vote in Westminster in the 80’s. This is looking like Labour stuffing Thurrock with their voters in the hope that Thurrock becomes another tick in the box as a complete shoe in for any future elections. Mass immigration a Labour “accident”. I don’t think so. A non english speaking Romanian immigrant that is able to make a complaint of racist abuse to the Police without the help of any of the Labour activists that employed her services. I caught my pet turtle watching phantom of the opera on Sunday evening. You should have seen his face. No one will believe me though. I can’t think why.

  11. Romanians and Bulgarians are classed as A2 nationals. Their rights to benefits are different to other EU nationals.

    EU citizens have had the right to vote in local elections for 20 years – since the 1992 Maastricht Treaty.

    If someone lives here and has the right to vote here why shouldn’t they campaign for the party they support. Rather undemocratic to ban them wouldn’t it?

    How is Labour stuffing Thurrock with their voters? Are they bussing them in and giving them houses and telling them to vote Labour?

    I see the story has since changed where before the Councillor chucked the leaflet on the floor in his statement but he has now changed it to place it in a bin.

  12. That’s exactly what the Labour party are doing. Give planning permission for thousands of flats to be built. Move in thousands of immigrants.Remind them of who butters their bread. Get them to hand out leaflets and rubbish local councillors by calling them a racist. Labour know the immigrant vote is an easy touch for them. As for the right to vote, 90% of the people in Thurrock who responded to the EU referendum vote want a referendum so what does the Maastricht treaty prove. It proves we’ve been shafted once again. Very democratic

  13. Ed is right regarding the ‘status’ of Romanians and Bulgarians. However I thought they were entitled to other forms of benefit such as housing etc…

    Labours mass immigration policy was designed to make sure that the Labour vote stacked up across the UK. Surely over half of their support must come from minority communities. Naturally most of these people who settled in the UK during the Labour years will be more inclined to vote Labour so their demographic gerrymandering is working.

    As for the alleged racial abuse – I won’t comment until we know all the facts.

  14. You’re right Bernard they are entitled to lots of benefits other than the usual JSA. They would include housing, carers allownaces tax credits incapacity benefits among others depending on status. It also depends on when and how they entered the country. I am amazed that a long standing councillors integrity can be called into question because a Romanian immigrant that can’t speak english can accuse him of racism, no doubt backed to the hilt by the Labour party. According to the Labour party everyone is a potential racist unless of course they are part of the immigrant population or vote Labour.


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