Sunday, September 25, 2022

E-fit released of man wanted for assault in Grays

Detectives have released an efit of man who is wanted in connection with an assault in Grays.

The attack happened when a 41-year-old man was walking through Grays Park off Bedford Road shortly before 9am on Monday, March 26. He was approached by two men who asked him for a cigarette. When he refused, they threatened him with violence, forcing the man to hand over a cigarette. When he did, he was punched in the face anyway. The attackers both walked off towards Clarence Road.

Investigating Officer, Dc Emma Henderson, said: “This man was walking to walk when this attack happened in clear daylight. The efit is fairly distinctive so we’re hoping someone can give us the name of the individual so that we can arrest him and at the same time identify his friend arrest him too.”

The assailant pictured in the efit is described as being of mixed heritage, in his early 20s, has short black hair, dark eyes, is of slim build and is approximately six foot tall.

A search of the area was carried out at the time by police, but to no avail.

Anyone with information in connection with this robbery is urged to contact detectives at Grays police station on 101.


  1. Perhaps they should start the search in London as he probably came down the last time London had a dump.

  2. This has got nothing to do with multiculturalism, more about a disgraceful criminal who will no doubt be given a ‘soft’ sentence when caught.


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