Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Comeback king Barry wins key seat of Ockendon


Barry Johnson (Cons): 900

David Paul Shirley (Lib-Dems): 40

Maggie O’Keeffe-Ray (UKIP): 321

Martin Christopher Kerin (Lab): 809

Maj: 91

Turnout: 29%


  1. And a hell of a lot of hard work. Barry, with help from Amanda and Lynn really did put in the hours. I am glad the poeple of Ockendon have seen through all the shadow cabinet members who visited the area.

  2. Well done Barry, I know a lot of hard foot work was put into your campaign, just think, you did it without the help from London. Just goes to show who the better man is on the day and no better person to take Amanda’s place. I should imagine Lynn Carr can now breath a sigh of relief. Well done all of you.

  3. Well done!!!! I for one will breath a great sigh of relief. Lots of work done by Amanda Lynn & Barry. The only leaflet I received was one promising a tenants residental permit if I voted Labour..OMG I will not receive one now..but look what I have got in return. Three people who are sooo dedicated in getting this community up and running a safe place to live in and an area where we are proud of. I take this opportunity of thanking Cllr Amanda Arnold for all the hard work she has put in in her term of office. Keep up her legacy Lynn & Barry we tenants are behind you.

  4. gray64, thank you for your contribution to this page. If it is true that this result was down to the Kiely effect then shouldnt the labour group remove him? surely he will continue to cost them dearly in this ward and possibly beyond?
    Or maybe because he is the majority of 1 that labour now hold in the chamber they will continue to ignore his racist comments , and anti police statements on his own website. Does it not worry the good people of Thurrock that such a person holds such a prominent position within Thurrock politics ?

  5. I am really Glad to see Barry Palmer back in, he is a man of the people and hopefully he will throw his name in the hat for leader because he will look at the people in his party who let them down the other year, and wanted him to leave the group. He will show them he is a strong leader and I hope he relizes there are 6 bad people in his group who lie and steal, and who are not there for the benefit of the people but the benefit of them selves.

  6. Hot press
    Did you mean Palmer or Johnson?
    I also hope Barry Johnson puts his name up for the leader ship,nothing could be worse than what we have.
    Also he may have the integrity to sort out the bad eggs in the group.

  7. Grey64
    You ask the people of Thurrock if they want some one like Aaron Kiely?
    Surlry you should be looking closer to home.? people who live in a green house shouldn’t throw stones,& perhaps you need to look again at cllr Redsell within your own group.

  8. Rain Mack, what on earth are you talking about? You clearly don’t understand my one liner. I don’t have a ‘group’, there’s just me: reading YT and commenting on the day to day issues affecting Thurrock folk.


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