Thursday, October 6, 2022

Voters not gullible as Joy wins in Little Thurrock Blackshots


Claire Jones (Lib-Dems): 280

Eileen O’Reilly (Lab): 308

Joycelyn Redsell (Cons): 580

Raj Mistry (UKIP): 264


Turnout: 31%


  1. Thurrock Council Sweepstakes 2012 – 2014:

    First Councillor to be investigated for improper behaviour.

    First Councillor suspended for breaching code of conduct.

    First Councillor suspended from their party.

    First Councillor arrested for corruption.

    First Councillor who resigns or banned from being a Councillor.

    First ward to have a by-election.

  2. Makes you wonder why Thurrock Council did not do something before the election
    And save the rate payers money we might be light house GULLIBLE
    But not all of us are idiots

  3. The real culprit is at the top of this page £200,000 grand plus a year and he could not have sorted this out before hand he has a go at companies that work for Thurrock Council for not being value for money how long would he last in the real world but we all ready know the answer to that one
    He couldn’t find he’s ass with both hands

  4. I was in Stanford on Thursday – looked at the block of flats that now stands on the site of The Wooden Hut social club. Just what stanford needed more flats and less community facilities.


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