Monday, October 3, 2022

Rice wins thumping majority in Chadwell St Mary


Dawn Evans (Cons): 267

Derek Beackon (National Front): 103

Gerard William Rice (Labour): 972

James Nicholas Baker (UKIP) 292

Tracy Denise Rowe (Lib-Dems): 36

Maj: 680

Turnout: 23%


  1. Yep a “thumping majority” from a very poor 29% turnout, local politics needs to start getting its act together as the majority of people are no longer interested in those who are elected due to constant broken promises and outright lies over the years.

    Labour may look at this as a great win overall but the truth is that the people have spoken by not bothering to even ballot for any particular party, and this is country wide not just Thurrock

  2. If they stopped they’re £9000 + bonuses & expenses a year salaries we might get better quality candidates like the old days. Who remembers when candidates used to get elected unopposed?

  3. This sad old man doesn’t even know what ward he represents. This is a sad day for Chadwell St Mary and a very sad day for the people of Thurrock.

  4. WPthurrockSX. Having met Cllr Rice, I can tell you that he isn’t either sad or old, and if you can be bothered to meet him at the Chadwell Community Forum or at one of his surguries in Chadwell Library, you will find him very eager to help any resident.

  5. How can almost 1000 people vote for this man .Anger & Sparks fly in Basildon Crown Court
    at Gerard Rice the Labour Party Paedophilic supporting Councillor of a Serial Child Rapist and Labour Party activist and case working & organiser … Timothy Edmeades.
    A lousy 33 months jail for Labour Party activist and case assistant

  6. Mick Griffin. I and almost 1000 people voted for this man, and because he admitted that he was duped by Tomothy Edmeades to give a character reference in court before realising that it wasn’t for a minor charge.
    But thank you pointing out all these old facts.
    I still wouldn’t have changed my vote!


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