Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Dockers on strike in Tilbury over contracts

The first strike by dockers at Tilbury since 1989 is being held today (Tuesday), protesting at the arbitrary introduction of new contracts.

The 45 employees of the Enterprise Distribution Centre (EDC) – members of Unite – will be staging a 24-hour strike from 10.00pm on Monday until 10.00pm on Tuesday night.

The workers will be picketing outside the main gate of Tilbury docks in the dispute over the company’s decision to introduce a ‘follow the ship’ contract. This means that staff work when the ships are ready for unloading, and not to set shift patterns.

Unite regional officer Jane Jeffery said: “Our members are set to lose about £2,500-a-year because EDC is arbitrarily imposing these new contracts.

“Members are annoyed at the complete lack of negotiation and consultation. Since the ballot for strike action, we have had no formal communication with the company.

“We want to hold meaningful and genuine talks with the management on this issue. This is a 24-hour strike – the first by the dockers in 23 years – but more strikes could be on the cards, if there is no movement in this dispute.”

EDC deals with the unloading and distribution of paper reels.


  1. This is all part of the shift to an economy where labour is seen as a flexible commodity to be turned on and off as and when demand dictates. What those imposing these contracts and the moronic class traitors condemning the strikers don’t seem to understand is that labour is not a commodity – it’s people. The dockers are people with families and lives outside of their work. They are workers who would like to have some idea of when they are and are not working so they can plan their lives outside of work. Because like most sane people, the dockers work to live, not live for the dubious pleasure of working.

    This is the slippery slope to casualisation –


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