Polly’s anger at chancellor’s u-turn on Dartford toll

PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Thurrock, Polly Billington has joined the chorus of anger over the double hike for tolls at the Dartford crossing.

Dartford crossing tolls are going up by 50p for cars and £1.30 HGVs in October and to £2.50 for cars and £6 lorries in 2014.

Ms Billington said: “George Osborne made a big song and dance at the end of last year, claiming he was scrapping a hike in the cost of using the Dartford Crossing but months later he’s changed his mind.

“Now the tolls will go up twice in the next two years. When families and businesses are struggling, a 66 per cent increase in the toll price is the last thing they need.

“On top of that ministers have decided to delay introducing technology to increase free-flow of traffic on the crossing. That’s a double whammy for the local economy when hours are wasted in traffic jams and investment in improving the crossing would create jobs.

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