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Polly’s anger at chancellor’s u-turn on Dartford toll

PROSPECTIVE parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Thurrock, Polly Billington has joined the chorus of anger over the double hike for tolls at the Dartford crossing.

Dartford crossing tolls are going up by 50p for cars and £1.30 HGVs in October and to £2.50 for cars and £6 lorries in 2014.

Ms Billington said: “George Osborne made a big song and dance at the end of last year, claiming he was scrapping a hike in the cost of using the Dartford Crossing but months later he’s changed his mind.

“Now the tolls will go up twice in the next two years. When families and businesses are struggling, a 66 per cent increase in the toll price is the last thing they need.

“On top of that ministers have decided to delay introducing technology to increase free-flow of traffic on the crossing. That’s a double whammy for the local economy when hours are wasted in traffic jams and investment in improving the crossing would create jobs.


  1. Polly, can you please inform us all what the Labour Party actually did about the costs of the crossing whilst they were in power, I think the words you would be looking are “Absolutley Jack All” now please step off that band waggon as it is becoming overloaded with hypocritical politicians.

  2. Lambo
    We must not forget that not so long ago we had not one but two perspective parliamentary candidates,
    oh who both happened to go on to become MP’s .
    The reason I’m pointing this out is they were very good at photo opportunities, one of which was to stand by the Dartford bridge and rant about the cost.. I think perhaps that what could be called hypocritical politicians, as it’s a TORY govement is it not .

  3. If not, for second prize, can you confirm that Ed Milliband has promised to do something about it if he becomes Prime Minister?

  4. Rain mack, eh? What are you trying to say? Anyway, Labour didn’t cancel the tolls when they were in power (the bridge was paid for and the tolls were supposed to stop) and there is no way the Tory’s will cancel them either. It’s too much of a cash cow. All we can hope for as residents of Thurrock is that our discount will continue to apply, I haven’t heard if it will or not.

  5. Osborne has got this completely wrong. The tolls are the source of so much traffic in the first place that the first thing he should be looking to do would be to introduce toll free charging. This should have been done while the works to widen the Thurrock section of the M25 were occuring.

    I understand that the bridge needs to be maintained and most people do not mind paying a small fee to go across the river but I would have reduced the fee rather than increase it – 50p max.

    Polly and her party are still suffering from political amnesia so its a waste of time reminding them that for 13 years Labour did nothing except raise the tolls themselves.

  6. gray64. Yes the locals discount will continue to apply, so says Mike Penning yesterday. In fact he encouraged more local residents to make use of it.

  7. Bernard87: A maintenance endowment fund has already been built up from tolls taken after the bridge was paid off – we have already paid all that is reasonably needed.


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