Thursday, July 25, 2024

First aid lesson for young offenders

A STARK lesson in the risks of carrying weapons has been given in a series of group work sessions to young offenders in Thurrock.

Organised by Thurrock’s Youth Offending Service the group work included an accredited training course in first aid provided by a British Red Cross volunteer.

The session included CPR training; responding to the needs of unconscious casualties (including recovery position); dealing with choking and basic tips which could mean the difference between life and death before emergency assistance arrived.

Youth Offending Service Project Worker Judy Yuen said: “Looking at the medical implications of carrying weapons is a powerful way to engage young people into discussions, but in particular to dispel myths and misconceptions.

“This course not only delivered this message but also showed the young people what simple things they could do to help if they ever came across an injured person. It is all about showing them that they can make a difference.”


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