Saturday, July 13, 2024

Tilbury FC move forward with plans for stadium

A PRESENTATION by the project managers, charged with the redevelopment of the Tilbury football ground received a warm welcome at a meeting yesterday (Wednesday) at Chadfields.

Anna Cochrane of Sports Solutions Limited gave an hour long presentation where she outlined the “road map” for the redevelopment of the Ryman Division One North club.

Ms Cochrane outlined that as project managers they had experience of working with redevelopments with Oldham Athletic, Cirencester FC, Thame FC and are currently assisting with developments at Aveley FC.

The basic plan is to move the club a few yards northward to scrubland, land that the club owns. The ground which the club currently plays on, would be redeveloped for housing.

The three stakeholders in the plans are: Tilbury FC, Montana Property Developments and “Tilbury”.

Ms Cochrane stressed that the plans took into account the growing youth provision at Tilbury FC and addressing the health and well being concerns in the borough.

The project managers also stressed that they were not looking for any money from the council.

Ms Cochrane said: “All we are looking for from the council is planning permission.”

Also present at the meeting was Tilbury councillor, Lynn Worrall.

Cllr Worrall said: “It is important that the community are involved here and have a buy in.”

The project managers hoped that planning permission by the end of the year.

Ms Cochrane said: “All things being equal, the re-development of the ground would take a couple of seasons.”


  1. Been there, tried that!

    Tilbury want to go it alone.

    GAFC will carry on developing their plan with Thurrock Council at Long Lane. If other Clubs wish to join in I’m sure the Club would be verry happy to have discussions.

  2. How about not a groundshare with GAFC let them sort there self out.I would rather stay at our old ground than share with them.


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