Monday, July 22, 2024

A Record Breaking Start for the Rotary Group of Thurrock Gateway

By Lucy Chipperfield

On Monday 28th May, members from the newly formed Rotary Group of Thurrock Gateway, cast their “Provisional” status aside and officially became Rotarians during their Inauguration Ceremony at the Park Inn Hotel in Thurrock.

The ceremony was generously attended by a host of representatives from other Rotary Groups across the District. All attendees generously welcomed the newly appointed Rotarians and kindly congratulated them on their astonishingly great start.

I reckon we can all agree how difficult it is to keep going to a club, let alone start one up from scratch. For example, I’m sure many of us have gym memberships loitering around and the only pounds we are losing are from our bank account. The determination and dedication that is needed to keep a club going and keep attending has to be similar to that of Superman at times. However, the overwhelming commitment and enthusiasm shared amongst the members of the Rotary Group of Thurrock Gateway seems effortless and incredibly infectious.

It has only taken a record breaking 17 weeks to create the Rotary Group of Thurrock Gateway and it already has 26 members, and better yet, it is still growing! This amazing start truly highlights what a wonderfully welcoming, encouraging and innovative group of Rotarians they really are.

President of the Rotary Group of Thurrock Gateway, Janice Hills, was overwhelmed by the sudden success of the group and the support shown by other Rotarians across the District at the Inauguration. Janice was especially thankful to District Governors Neil Muir, Sandra Allen and John Banks for their consistent support to make her dream a reality.

However, we must remember, Rotarians are only human – just like you! So what are you waiting for! Come along to the Park Inn Hotel in Thurrock on Monday 4th June at 7pm and see for yourself how truly brilliant the new Rotary Group of Thurrock Gateway is. Everyone is welcome and we can’t wait to see you!


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