Saturday, July 20, 2024

Contract signed and wheels set in motion for Ormiston Park Academy.

AT 6 o’clock on Friday 1st June the final contract was signed between Ormiston Park Academy and Balfour Beatty to build the new, high tech academy that the community of West Thurrock has been waiting for.

Building work is beginning now and completion will be during the summer of 2013.  

The new school will stand on the current site, facing the community and will not only be spacious, light and have an amphitheatre, along with terrace classrooms, it will also have a new sports unit, cafes, a winter garden and an e- library.  

The technology built in the new academy will match that of the most lucrative business and will include hand held devices for students, immersion and 3D technology throughout.

The academy that had an excellent OFSTED in November was proud when the head, Tess Walker was described as “visionary and passionate”. Now it can feel proud again as that vision and passion has led to the creation of the best educational environment that you could find.  

The academy welcomes all who are interested to visit and see this development first hand.


  1. I take the above comment (anonymous) is from someone that has never actually been into OPA?
    For a school to achieve the results that they have is an amazing job! 2011 results CVA (that’s the value that schools add to the students) was the 7th highest in the country, and better than what is accepted as the best school in the UK, Mossbourne Academy.
    The new school, along with with the ICT developments, will allow the entire community to be proud and will release even more potential from the “local estate”.
    As for the “passionate and visionary” Principal, well if you can take a failing school and turn it into a good school, establish a multi-million pound investment in the local community, raise aspirations of children, then in my book that is pretty visionary and passionate.

  2. Damianyido, you do make me laugh! Mossbourne Academy ‘is accepted as the best school in the UK’…a slight exaggeration don’t you think! On what basis?

  3. What a great opportunity for the Academy to finally shake off its legacy. There has been so much good work over the last few years and obvious outstanding achievement. The Academy deserves a fantastic building to match its fantastic progress!


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