Saturday, July 20, 2024

Council pledge Orsett Show sponsorship to replace Petroplus money

THURROCK COUNCIL has given a welcome cash-boost to the Orsett Show.

The ruling Labour cabinet announced last night that they would inject £5000 into the ever popular September show replacing the sponsorship made by Petroplus.

Deputy leader, cllr Val Morris-Cook said: “The Orsett Show is one of the key events in the boroughs calendar.

I have been there with the Environment team and know how important it is for the council to have a presence there.


  1. Without passing judgements on the rights or wrongs of this – where has this money come from? What’s being cut to fund this, or is it borrowing, or drawn from a contigency/reserves, or is council tax going up?

  2. Ben

    Labours financial mantra is spend first (looking like they are doing a good deed), worry later (when people start questioning where the money has come from), deny everything (tell the voters that they didnt spend it in the first place) then do it all again if given the chance.


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