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Only fifteen parking tickets issued outside schools last year

A MERE FIFTEEN parking tickets were issued outside or near to schools in Thurrock last year.

Despite assurances that the council would be dealing “robustly” to combat what has become a constant problem outside all the borough’s schools, the seven civil enforcement officers had only handed out a handful of tickets.

Portfolio holder fro public protection, cllr Angie Gaywood told the meeting of the Thurrock Council cabinet that: “On many occasions, the officers have found that once they approach the scene, the drivers usually move away, negating on these occasions any need for enforcement.

‘This isn’t the end of the problem. We have a number of strategies that we will be undertaking.”

The figure stood in stark contrast to the issuing of tickets for HGV’s parked in restricted zones. Over 3,000 tickets were slapped on drivers in the past year.

In total, 10,960 ticket were issued in total last year.


  1. Does Cllr Gaywood not realise that the vehicle moving away on that one occasion does not negate the need for enforcement – it just means there is an incentive to continue to park inconsiderately – as long as you can’t see an enforcement officer coming!
    Surely it would be a deterrent if the drivers received a ticket anyway – every day if necessary?

  2. Cllr Gaywood is also missing something a bit more important. If the culprits are driving away because they’ve seen an enforcement officer, then we can assume that they might not have driven away had there not been an enforcement officer. The main problem occurs on these occassions – when there are no enforcement officers present! And let’s face it, that’s the majority of the time.

    So we can safely summise that the enforcement officers have virtually no effect on reducing the problems. Does the council have a better strategy up it’s sleeve? They can’t seriously claim that this is a success…


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