Friday, July 19, 2024

Dads join lads at Harris Academy reading breakfast

IT IS a simple but effective idea. On a Friday morning, fathers and sons come together in the restaurant at Harris Academy for a morning reading session.

It is a very chilled session where they spend a little time reading before enjoying a fine breakfast at their five star restaurant.


  1. ‘Lads & Dads’ is an excellent initiative to raise boys achievement. Involving fathers in their son’s education can have a huge impact!

    The infuence of a positive paternal role model is crucial.

    ‘Ziglar never talked to a man in prison who truly loved his
    father…most of them hated their father and they took out their
    hatred on themselves (drugs & alcohol) and the rest of society”

    (Ziglar 1985)

    My only reservation is the participants ‘enjoying a fine breakfast’! By the looks of these porkers…lads and dad alike, they all enjoy their food rather more than the reading!

    Apparently, diet books were available in the library…but these four ate them!


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