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Council lay out plans for future of local education authority

THURROCK COUNCIL education bosses laid out their plans for the future development of the local education authority.

With the education landscape and road map having changed considerably over the past few years, the council bosses spelt out where they see the LEA and where it is going.

Presenting to the children’s services overview and scrutiny committee, Carmel Littleton flanked by portfolio holder, cllr Oliver Gerrish made a number of key points including.

1. The council would buy individual pieces of support for school improvement teams.

2. The pupil place plan would be detail how many 5 year olds and upwards were in the borough. Thereby ensuring the borough could track possible bulges.

The Tory councillors on the committee once again expressed their concerns that the borough has one of the highest number of “satisfactory” primary schools in the borough.

Cllr Oliver Gerrish said: “You have to look at how far we have come in the last few years. We now have just one interim head, we have an outstanding primary in Dilkes and we have a building programme in place that has been widely praised by the heads we have met.”

But councillors James Halden and Mark Coxshall voted against endorsing the report but were outvoted by Labour councillors and lay reprsentatives


  1. And this is a plan?

    Look how many schools have walked away due to the lack of Direction from the TBC and become Acdemies.

  2. Come on now, TBC have trouble running a bath so how they think they can run the Education is beyond me, maybe we should look to move to Free Schools and pull away from politically motivated education policies, no matter which party runs the show they want to change things every 10 minutes and are more hung up on league tables than the childrens education.


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