Monday, July 15, 2024

Anger at O2 as Thurrock lines are down

By Sally Casey

HUNDREDS of angry and frustrated customers descended on 02 at Lakeside yesterday after their phones went down.

The queue was out of the door and the phones (those that were working) were red hot as staff attempted to explain what the problem was.

Some phones did not have any service whilst others had service but were simply not sending anything.

Staff explained to customers that the root cause may have been the storm that broke over Thurrock on Wednesday afternoon.

It all seemed a bit random.

Customer, Jill Aylott from Harlow said: “My husband and I were shopping when my phone went off but his phone stayed on. It is all very confusing.”

Some of the emergency services have issued press releases advising the media that any enquiries should be conducted through e-mail.


  1. “Angry and frustrated customers”, strikes me that some people have an unhealthy reliance on mobile technology. Yes, by all means make polite inquires as to why the network is down, after all you are paying for the service, so explanations should be forth coming, but to go off on one is quite ridiculous. There are always land lines and public phone boxes, so to be without a mobile for a few days seems quite unimportant.


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