Thursday, July 25, 2024

Europeans impressed with Coalhouse Fort

THE Mayor welcomed about 40 delegates from France, Belgium and the Netherlands to Coalhouse Fort. Alongside Thurrock, Essex and Medway, the European visitors represent 22 European partners who have come together to promote better access and understanding of Forts and their landscapes as part of an EU project called ‘Walls and Gardens’.

They were given a tour of the Fort by the Coalhouse Fort Project volunteers and also tried out the mobile phone app trail ‘Mobile Explorer’ which had already generated a lot of interest amongst partners across the Channel. As one of the first places to deploy phone app technology in support of heritage, Thurrock has been leading the way in this field, prompting the request by European partners to visit and witness it in action.

Through ‘Walls and Gardens’, Thurrock will see an expansion of phone app trails to Tilbury Fort with enhanced signage along Two Forts Way. The day ended with a tour of Tilbury Fort by Jonathan Catton, Museum and Heritage Officer at Thurrock Council.


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