Saturday, July 20, 2024

Good luck Tom! Gateway student off to join the Paras

AS THE schools break up, year 11 students all across the borough have all sorts of plans. For many it is a six week holiday and then off to sixth form. For some, it is the spectre of unemployment. For one young man, it is off to serve his country in the armed forces.

YT caught up with Tom Baldwin at the Tilbury Town celebrations at Anchorfields on Sunday. Tom has always wanted to join the army. He enjoyed his time at the Gateway Academy but his heart is in the armed forces and the paras in particular.

His mother, cllr Claire Baldwin is very proud of him and also feels that here is a young Tilbury man who is going out there and making something of himself. We wish you all the best Tom.


  1. Well done Tom (or Tucker to his mates). We are all very proud of you. Good luck for the future. I’m sure your squaddie mates will be pleased they’ve got someone as reliable as you. If you do well in your learning, I can see you as officer material (and he’s a West Ham supporter too)


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