Saturday, July 20, 2024

Nightmare continues for Stanford residents over lorries

LAST WEEK, YT attended a meeting of Wharf Road residents in Stanford-le-Hope over the continuing problem of lorries thundering down the road.

And even last night, there were reports of residents confronting drivers as lorries struggled to get down the road.

One resident contacted YT on Wednesday (July 25th) morning to say: “Its now well past midnight and at 11pm tonight (Tues), we had the low loader with three escort vans trying to pass through Wharf Road.

“Many residents came out and there was a lot of shouting from just past the corner shop.

“The low loader had big problems getting between the cars parked just past Hadfield Stores, and it took a while for it to navigate disturbing nearly every home down there !!

“I did go down and try and calm one resident down but he was really going for it, in a way I felt sorry
for the workers as they are only following orders.”


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