Saturday, July 13, 2024

Council backs plans to introduce Living Wage

A MOTION to support the introduction of a “living wage” in Thurrock was passed by the full council last week.

Introducing the motion, Grays Labour Councillor Martin Healy said: “The modern UK Living Wage Campaign was launched by members of London Citizens in 2001.

“The original founders were parents in East London who wanted to remain in work, but found that despite working two minimum wage jobs they were struggling to make ends meet. The experience of a large majority of a broad range of employers, since 2001, who have introduced a Living Wage is very positive in terms of employee productivity, retention and loyalty”.

After some gentle probing on costs and efficiency gains from councillors across the chamber, Labour’s motion on adopting the Living Wage in Thurrock was carried with cross party support.

Afterwards, Grays Labour Councillor Martin Healy said: “All Councillors who supported this motion to introduce a Living Wage can be very proud. A ‘Living Wage’ will make recruitment easier for some posts and simply means “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

“Virtually all Council employees who will benefit from the introduction of a ‘Living Wage’ live in Thurrock, so our local economy and our local retail businesses will benefit also”.


  1. That is except council employees that the council made redundant and therefore receive no wage of course.

  2. Your very quick to jump Growler but perhaps you should tell the whole story.
    The reason the council had to make people redundant was due to the cuts imposed on Thurrock Council by the Tory led government. The local councillors have done thier best to to keep these redundancies down as low as they have. I would dread to think how many people would have gone under a Conservative led council.

    This commitment to introduce a living wage will benefit many Thurrock residents and the council should be congratulated on adopiting this policy.

  3. No doubt this will cheer up the council employees who, having lost their jobs have had their houses repossesed and families split up.
    Thurrock Labour Party – socialism in action, I don’t think!

  4. The “Living Wage” will benefit the lowest paid council staff, and I believe the amount is £7.20 per hour. Whilst I accept that many of these people will live in Thurrock, this increase in the wage bill has to be funded from somewhere – council tax payers (either through increased tax, or reductions in spending elsewhere).

    Does anyone know if it was set out how much this would cost?

  5. If you’re right Ben Gadsby and the suggested rate is £7.20 an hour, that’s a pound an hour more than the minimum wage will be in 2 months time. I’d be amazed if there was anyone at the council earning this or less. Most would still be entitled to benefits on this wage. Labour in action. In other words pointless. Go Lefties.

  6. The elephant in the room at Thurrock Council is the failure so far to implement equal pay.

    The scheme in this article will cost less than £20k but to implement equal pay will cost the Council £ millions.

  7. Interesting Ed, where does the £20k come from? That would suggest approximately 500 FTE on the minimum wage.


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