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Police candidate Val slams falling police numbers in Essex

VAL Morris-Cook, Labour’s candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in Essex has today condemned cuts to policing following the release of police strength statistcs by the home office.

In Essex, police numbers have fallen by 168 full time officers, a 4.7% drop from March 2011 and constituting almost half of the overall number of cuts to police numbers for the whole of the East of England.

Police numbers across the country fell by over 5,000 officers. Surrey was the only police force area to register an increase in police strength.

Val Morris-Cook, the Labour candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner candidate in Essex said:

“Cutting 168 officers from Essex in one year is criminal. The government is not listening to Essex.

“The Tories came to power promising to protect front-line policing but we’ve now seen police numbers fall to their lowest number in 9 years – the cuts have set back policing by a decade. How can we expect the police to bridge these gaps in the front line services without having a major impact on crime?

“I want people in Essex to feel safe in their homes and in their communities. The government’s slash and burn approach to police cuts will make it harder for the police to achieve this.


  1. Also, all promotion within the force has been frozen. Not many will even apply to join knowing that they will remain only a PC for the unforseeable future.
    Cutting back on the Police is a very short-sighted fix.
    Only law-abiding Essex residents will suffer.

  2. I hadn’t realised that in 2003, after 6 years of Labour Government, Essex police were so short staffed…

  3. maybe if the country was not left in such dire straights by The Labour Govenment and the banking crisis then money may have been available for all Police Forces, also if there were not so many “high ranking” officers in the force then money could be made available.

    Do Essex Police employ outside contractors like G4S for their counter staff or detention staff, what cost is that contract worth and can it be done cheaper, can policing be made more cost effective across the board with the introduction of better IT so that officers are not taken off the streets for hours on end with the paperwork following an arrest.

    Do we really need PCSO’s the money that these cost could put a further number of probationary officers on the street and unlike PCSO’s can actually effect an arrest rather than being a glorified traffic warden.

  4. Val has very little chance of getting elected as many people do not associate with Labour being tough on crime considering the crime boom that many parts of the country suffered from under the last Labour government.

    She should also concentrate on getting a more active police force in Thurrock considering the bizarre amount of crimes that are reported by MC and others.

  5. We really don’t need more politics in policing – having this role taken over by those with their own political agenda, or that of their party. I feel that a Tory or Labour candidate would be too dogmatic (either too right, or too left to find solutions that actually work), and I wouldn’t be suprised if a Labour Police Commissioner would use any issue as an excuse to attack the Government and achieve little.

    That being said, if any party was brave enough to state that they did not want to see more politics in policing and not stand a candidate they would be attacked by other parties for being soft on crime, so it’s just one big merry-go-round of further mess! I do like Val, she’s got the tenacity and strength to be involved in local government but we need solutions, not endless attack.

    There is no suggestion here as to what Labour would do to address or change this. Easy to attack, less easy to find a way out. What would Labour do differently? I personally feel Labour would have to be doing this if they were in power anyway, or at least something similar.


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