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Arena Essex: Caravan race a moving experience

A TRULY spectacular Caravan race was the highlight of a great day of Motorsport at Arena Essex last Sunday.

There was a welcome return to the Banger class for Andy Reynolds and he was the first man to destroy a caravan as he ramped up the back of Darryl Theedom and took the entire body away from the chassis on the first lap. The smart car and caravan combo of Grays resident, Simon Peters spun on turn two and his caravan was destroyed by Glenn Sexton. Sexton then attacked Mark Wants caravan on the pit bend and a pile up began developing which started blocking the view of many of the fans on that bend as it got higher and higher! Jason “Boxer Jack” Jackson saw the trailer of Sexton made quite a handy ramp and he drove at it at some speed in an attempt to clear Sextons car and plunge himself into another caravan beyond. The move didn’t quite work as he embedded himself into the back of Sexton’s car but it was nonetheless a spectacular sight.

That ever increasing pile of debris came to be a tempting target with another couple of cars flying in, including Paul Whiteman and Darryl Theedom, the latter then going on to finish Simon Peters involvement in the event.

As the race round down, Dan Gardiner kept Andy Reynolds at bay to take the win and celebrated by piling his car into the pit bend stack. Theedom continued to entertain, taking one swipe at the pit bend pile and then going through a stationary caravan on the back straight, the debris of which covered his windscreen, but he somehow managed to steer his car, totally unsighted, into the pile up to finish the race to a standing ovation.

As if the Caravans weren’t destruction enough, the regular Banger racing saw some huge wrecks as team feuds came to a head during the Essex Championship. Andrew Milner again had a rough ride as a heavy follow in left his car in a mess even before his team mate Lewis Price was followed into him. A big rollover for Zack Street brought a temporary hiatus from the action, but when it resumed war was recommenced with some hard but fair wrecking, bar one unfortunate incident involving a driver who will certainly find himself taking a holiday from the sport for a while.

Heat wins went the way of Billy King and Paul Hunter whilst a dramatic fight to the flag in the Championship final saw Hunter shunt Paul Whiteman wide on the last bend only to clip a parked car on the exit of the bend, allowing Whiteman back through.

An allcomers race saw another victory for King, whilst Jack Overy put on a one man show against the Cream Team to come within an ace of Destruction Derby triumph, Billy Cunningham just outlasting him, and team mate Joey Palmer.

The SuperBangers treated us to one of the races of the season in the final, with Brian Jarvis outfoxing Lee West on the last lap to take the win. Both drivers had swapped the lead throughout the race with West having a power advantage on the straights and Jarvis having the edge on the corners. West did pick up an earlier heat as some recompense, as did returnee Lee Turner.

The Lightning Rods had a similarly dramatic last lap with World Champion, Gary Greenland getting around the outside of Mark Collins, who had lead the race from pole position. Collins efforts came to zero as Anthony Lawrence tapped him into a spin, leaving the heat winner distraught on the infield.

The Junior Mini Stox were perhaps at their quietest with run away wins for Harry Steward in the heats and David Rogers in the final.

The next action at Arena Essex is a double header on Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday at 1pm. Sunday features the Rookie Bangers, Lightning Rods, Group A Stock Rods and the Stock Car Essex Championship whilst the Big Van Bangers headline Mondays action with Small Vans, SuperBangers and Mini Stox in support.


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