Thursday, July 25, 2024

Grays’ star Russell locks horns on drugs debate on Newsnight

WE DON’T really do Russell Brand stories because as much as he is form Grays and went to Grays school etc. and has been a tremendous success and is a under-valued writer and articulate man, the day to day stuff is for other news agencies.

However, we felt he engaged in a fascinating debate on drugs with Daily Mail journo Peter Hitchens and so it is, in our humble opinion, worth seeing.


  1. It is infuriating that millions of pounds is spent on people who take drugs in the full knowledge that it is very likely to do them a great deal of harm and quite possible kill them. That is the very reason why there is a law banning the taking of such substances. If smoking was invented today that also would have been banned for exactly the same reason. Why oh why do some people ignore the very well documented facts that both drugs and cigarettes will eventually kill you. Much easier not to take them in the first place.

    Money would be much better spent on people who get ill through no fault of their own, instead of idiots who smoke and take drugs cluttering up hospitals and who put the NHS under even more pressure than is necessary.


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