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“If my sister wore those I might give her a backhander” Is this the face of Diversity in Thurrock?

THE HOST of a Diversity concert set for next month has become mired in controversy after posting a series of “sexist” videos on youtube.

MC Fred Smiley is a self-styled cutting edge MC, rapper and comedian who is the front man for a Diversity in Action concert at the Thameside Theatre on Wednesday September 26th.

The concert is run by the Thurrock Racial Unity Support Trust (TRUST).

Most of the videos that Fred Smiley posted on the site appeared to be observations/rants on women.

On one he told women in Grays that ‘Just because I am walking behind you, doesn’t mean I am going to rape you.”

On another, he criticises women who think they are “all that” and uses the word “Bitches” a dozen time in a highly aggressive manner.

On a third video, he criticises women for the type of shorts they wear, observing: “If my sister wore those, I might give her a back-hander.”

YT signposted the videos to the portfolio holder for communities, cllr Lynn Worrall, who assured YT that she would look into this.

We also spoke to the chief executive officer of TRUST, Ruth Juett, who assured us that Fred Smiley would not be appearing at the concert.

However, over the next few days, there were no changes to the poster which still had Smiley headlining the concert.

A twitter account under the name Fred Smiley continued to promote the event and indicated that he was still hosting it.

YT contacted the account and told them that we understood that he would not be performing.

The next tweet made reference to an “evil plan that has failed..we will fight racism in Thurrock.”

We contacted Ms Juett on Thursday night who said: “I am having relevant meetings with councillors next week before a final decision is made.”

The portfolio holder for communities, cllr Worrall told YT that she was not aware of any meeting.

The videos have now been removed.


  1. Quite apart from the usual incompetence, who in their right minds thinks a concert can promote “diversity”? And how much council tax payer money is being spent on this nonsense?

  2. The only way of allowing people to mix in a constructive, positive manner in Thurrock and elsewhere is to start sending back all of those who are not supposed to be in the UK in the first place.
    I’m also sceptical about organisations such as TRUST as I hink they can do more to damage ‘community cohesion’ rather than help it along.

  3. The council appear to have removed anything from it’s own website regarding TRUST. You used to be able to see what funding was made available to TRUST. Last time I looked it was in excess of £100k plus they were getting free accommodation at the Thameside Library complex. You can see by the story above that anyone involved in TRUST is not interested in diversity or community cohesion. They are interested in promoting their own views and jobs for the brothers and sisters funded by the taxpayer. Why anyone in this country fell for the mantra of the left and believed the multiculturism, community cohesion and diversity crap is beyond me. They must have a large hole in their head where their brain leaked out of. It’s also refreshing to see any media outlet highlighting the obvious discriminatory attitudes of those that profess to be discriminated against. Those who shout the loudest about oppression and discrimiation are usually the worst offenders as most people in this country already know. No doubt Your Thurrock will be getting a visit from the PC brigade about their choice of stories. Can’t be highlighting the ethnics bad habits now can we.

  4. I want to know why TRUST has not been taken to court over its membership policy:

    “Becoming a member of TRUST is simple. Any Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) individual, community group or organisation who agrees with TRUST’s ethos can become a member. Membership is free and will enable you to receive our regular Newsletter and be informed of all local, regional and national BME events.”

    Did the BNP not get taken to court by the Equality Commission for their membership rules excluding non whites? so what is so different about TRUST, surely this is a racist group by the fact that they actively deny any member if they are not Black or an Ethnic minority?

    Groups like this do nothing to help with racial unity al they do is to continue to support segregation, any group that is only open to those of a certain colour, creed or religious group need to be shut down.

  5. The Irony of this should not be lost on anyone who is white and born in this country. A bunch of white middle class left wing sanctimonious do gooders introduce discrimination laws that discriminate against the majority of people in this country to stop discrimination. They should gather these people together and send them around the world in a perpetual loop so that they can offer apologies on behalf of the white colonialist oppressors.

  6. The ‘Race Relations’ industry is all about division and money. If people are not divided their industry will fall flat on its face so they seek to continue dividing people. TRUST is just another very small branch of this vast machine.


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