Saturday, July 13, 2024

£10 million road junction at A13 set to start in October

WORK  will start in October on a £10 million junction to link the A13 with the new super-port at DP World in Stanford-le-Hope.

Work is expected to last a yea and will consist of  new, three-lane roundabout, with traffic lights and a slip road running from the Manorway onto the A13.

As part of the planning conditions with Thurrock Council,  DP World (London Gateway) is also set to improve Stanford-le-Hope High Street and in particular, transport facilities:




  1. …and when is work on Junction 13 of the M25 going to start?

    Surely not when the new super-port starts operations – that would be idiotic?

  2. I have noticed that work has at last started on the £10 Million road junction from the A1014 Manorway and the A13 Arterial Road and the B1007 North Hill Road, all the trees and shrubbery as been cut down flush to the ground, which will go some way to preventing accidents when traffic is trying to gain the A13 Arterial roads, the next junction that is sadly wanting urgent action is Junction 30 M25/A13 roundabout, work was due to start in 2014, the same year that the super port opens, taking in consideration how long it took, for the highway agency to provide a fourth lane from the A127 to the A13 it should be open for traffic by 2020, it seems to me a complete disaster couldn’t all the roads and roundabouts have been completed before the super port opens, because all the roads in Thurrock have been blocked by slow moving traffic,m trying to get access to the QE2

  3. and can we see the plans for this new road? I asked last year to see them and was told they have been put on show?


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