Sunday, December 3, 2023

Female cyclist left unconscious after collision with car

A WOMAN left unconcsious after a collision between a car and a bicycle was brought round after ambulance crews were called to her aid.

The incident, which occured on The Manorway in Stanford Le Hope at just after 9am today, left the woman believed to be about 30, unconscious but still breathing with a head and back injury.

East of England Ambulance Service crews arrived within eight minutes and helped revive her before taking her to Basildon Hospital for further treatment.


  1. Incidents such as this should put the car driver liable & suspend the drivers Licence with immediate affect, for “Driving Without Due Care”, neglect of awareness of Cyclists & Motorcyclists has for too long had a easy get-out card by the truck or car and even bus drivers… “I didn’t see them until the last moment/I don’t know where they came from” … Go ride a bike!

  2. Thats a bit of a general statement tefentino, who is to say that the car driver is at fault? I witness on a daily basis cyclists who ignore red lights, pedestrian crossings, zebra crossings, travelling the wrong way on a one way srteet, just because they are on two wheels does not exclude them from the laws of the road and the highway code.


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